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Chapter 233 by Funatic Funatic

Does something else happen that night?

Terra Incognita

John awoke when he felt someone’s hand on his dick.

He had gone to bed early, alone, with the goal to simply nap through the rest of his blue balls. After a day filled with running after Thana and other battles, he had been fast asleep. ‘I am going to quite literally go balls deep into the first girl that I see when I wake up,’ those had been his last thoughts.

So when he now felt his privates being touched after 24 hours of denial, not to mentioned the months of daily debaucheries that preceded that, he had two very opposite directions. One was the bliss of finally feeling some pleasure again. The other was the sting of panic of being threatened with failing the quest at the last few minutes.

John’s eyes darted over to the alarm clock on the nightstand. The glowing blue numbers spelled 00:01 AM. In other words, he was safe. He relaxed and moaned, now just happy to have been so pleasantly woken up. Slightly groggy from the interruption of his sleep, he glanced down, but all he saw was a person sized bulge under the blanket, just between his legs.

‘It’s time for a guessing game then,’ John thought with a grin, as the person’s index finger trailed up the length of his dick as her other hand was holding his dick at the base. He must have had a rather lewd dream, as his dick was rock hard already. A glob of pre-cum dribbled from the tip of his cock.

The slimy liquid ran down the underside of his head, barely crossing the line where the glans ended and the shaft began before being greeted by a hot, wet tongue that eagerly licked it up and followed the trail it had left all the way back to the source. With painful ease, the tongue moved in a circle around the tip of John’s dick. The mystery girl’s small hands, now both wrapped around the whole length of his cock, jerked him off to gain more of the taste-enhanced liquid.

‘The greatest gift of the Libido 25 perk is that everyone wants to suck me off,’ John thought. His pre apparently didn’t taste as great as his actual cum, he wouldn’t know as he didn’t try, but it evidently tasted good enough for no one to complain.

The girl underneath had small hands with fittingly short fingers, so John could already count out Nathalia. The dragoness had hands fitting of someone her body-size. The fact that whoever was under that blanket also was willing to give him a blowjob also eliminated Siena from the list. Gnome he doubted had the courage to do this alone, and there wasn’t a second tongue around.

Speaking of that tongue, now that the head of John’s cock was thoroughly coated in the lubricating mixture of saliva and pre-cum, the mystery girl pulled the upper of her two hands away and pressed her lips against his tip. As they enveloped them John groaned in delight.

The feeling of getting sucked into the hot walls, twenty-four hours were enough to make him almost shout in the wonderful feeling that he had no time to forget but only miss. The soft, smooth flesh of the girl’s cheeks as she made sure there was no air, only cock, in her mouth. The slurping sound, muffled by the blanket, as she put her other hand lower to suck him in deeper.

The rest of John’s elementals were out now as well, their blowjobs all had some rather inhuman characteristics to them. This mouth, those lips, they were definitely human. The fullness of Aclysia’s pink, beautiful lips came to mind, but despite how close to the real thing they felt, there was always a slightly plastic feel about them. Momo had been highly unlikely from the start, but that crossed her off the list as well.

Mystery girl was at the halfway point and now had trouble to get deeper. Not a lot, she still moved on, but there was a remaining gag reflex and just a general struggle to forcefully push the phallic length of John’s dick into herself. Soon, however, John felt the betraying slimy quivering of having entered the throat.

At this point John clenched his hands underneath the blanket. There wasn’t a lot keeping him from cumming, just sheer willpower and the wish to come to a conclusion before he did. A silly thing but a goal nonetheless.

The three girls John still had available in his mental guessing game were Rave, Lydia and Thana. The last of which he excluded due to her still occasionally breaking down doors. It was unlikely that she would go ahead and play with his dick uninvited when there was still a chance of… accidents.

John’s cock was now all the way down the girl’s throat. The tip of her nose stubbed against his crotch as his balls trembled, both from the girl’s quivering and repressed coughs and from the continued repressing of release.

Between Rave and Lydia there was a somewhat equal chance. Lydia had her occasional bursts of perverseness while Rave had done this exact same thing before. The only to find out for sure was…

The girl tried to pull back and take a breath, but found John’s hands resting on her head. Firmly, he pushed her down again, the feeling of short, curly hair against his palms. ‘So, it’s Jane!’ he thought with certainty and finally let go.

The moment he relaxed the slightest bit, his balls tightened and semen exploded from the tip of his dick with relentless force. A whole day’s worth of the white, cloudy liquid spurted into the girl’s mouth and throat. Involuntary moans came from the mystery girl’s mouth as she gulped it down, her taste buds being flooded with wonderful flavour. John, his whole body stretched in orgasmic pleasure, pressed what he presumed to be his girlfriend down onto his crotch for the whole duration of his orgasm.

When his orgasm finally subsided and his body fell limply on the mattress, he threw the blanket aside with a smirk. When he spotted a flash of green his arm froze mid-air. The blanket hit the ground beside the bed with a gentle ‘thud’ and lay there still, just like the whole room was.

A green-haired girl sat on his bed. To say it was curly would be an understatement, to say it was the quintessence of all things curly would be more accurate. It reached down to below her chin and her eyes, of a similar vibrant green colour, rested in a young face, with lush red lips and a cute stubby nose.

She wore a jet-black one-piece dress that clung to her body until, just above her hips, it parted into four slits that would have reached down to her feet if they weren’t currently laying on the bed. John could see her petite breasts with hardened nipples and flat stomach clearly, as if the dress was merely painted on. Even the depression of her belly button was visible. From earlier meetings, John also knew that she had an ass that was easily in the Top 3 of his favourite backsides.

Mystery girl, also known as Gaia, supreme deity of the Abyss and Earth, writer of achievements and nerfer of his shit, looked at John with furrowed eyebrows. “I try to be a nice girl,” she said, a green aura spreading over the frame. Her left hand raised to her chin, and she trailed up a drop of cum that ran down her chin and then sucked it off, “And then you bastard almost choke me!”

“I thought you were Jane!” John defended himself; “What are you doing here anyhow?! Aren’t you busy protecting creation or something? Instead you suck my dick like it’s a lollipop!” “S-shut it!” Gaia, her face flushing red, demanded and pointed at John.

“It’s a quest reward! You hear me? A quest reward! I definitely am not doing this because I am curious what those skills can do or Zone dared me!” her tone told John that it was both of these things, beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Gaia, who read that from his surface thoughts, blushed even deeper. “Argh, just stop being stupid!” With the sound of a piece of bubble wrap bursting, reality was rewritten and Gaia was suddenly sitting on top of John’s crotch. Actually, she was hovering in a straddle sitting position, John noticed after glancing at the miniscule distance between her and the mattress.

“Really?” he asked; “You can’t even crawl, like, 40 centimetres?” “I told you to shut it!” Gaia told him and pushed her face up close; “Would YOU walk if you could teleport literally anywhere? No? Didn’t think so!” As she answered for him, John, whose field of vision was almost entirely her face, stared into her eyes. He noticed seven thin black lines, cutting through a thin ring, that separated her iris into segments. They were almost invisible.

“Hmph,” Gaia made a dismissive noise and hovered back up. She put her hands on her hips and slid them over her dress, upwards. Wherever she touched a golden glow ate away at the fabric and spread outwards. It was a very pretty way to get naked quickly, and John, deciding to just go with the flow of things (as he always did when presented with decidedly stronger women wanting to bone him), just drank in the sight.

Her frame, as he noted beforehand, was petite. She had the body and face of an early twenty-year-old, with B-Cup tits and wide hips to sport that impressive arse of hers. She was, however, even smaller than Thana. That still made her taller than Sylph, but still.

Her pink nipples were already hard, and John, noting the lack of panties, could easily see her desire in the wetness of her sex, only a small green triangle of trimmed hair remaining down there. “In my duty as supreme deity over your helpless, little, actually flat, butt,” Gaia said with a sassy smile, “I give you the choice. Want to have this go missionary, cowgirl or doggystyle?”

John, who knew that at least the girls in his harem agreed that his butt was amazing (after he raised his physical stats), decided to be a smartass and answered with, “Yes.” Gaia’s sassy smile stayed in place, “Your choice, nerd, just try not to cum too quickly.”

Before he could ask what, she was planning, he experienced it on his own body. His field of view tripled as reality was torn into three different states. The first one was where Gaia was still hovering over his crotch, her legs spread and his hard cock only centimetres away from her glistening pussy. In the second she was laying on the bed, legs pulled backwards, knees almost up to her head, thighs pushing her small tits together, hands holding them in place by the hollow.

In the third one she was bend over in front of him, her juicy ass presented to him in full view.

John blinked in all three realities at once, as a user of Possession he was used to shifting perspectives, but this was a bit different. He raised a hand and did so two more times simultaneously with a conscious effort. Concentrating on moving the index finger in just one reality was a success, so he could move these bodies independently, it just took a bit more of him. Generally, however, it seemed that he was only in one body at a time.

“Hey, sexy goddess down and up here,” Gaia said with one voice; “Get that dick to work. I don’t have all night.” If given the choice, he would have liked more time to adjust, but he would have to deal with how things were for the moment and learn on the fly. He put a hand on the Gaias’ hips and aligned his cock with the entrances.

Slowly Gaia met him in the cowgirl position. She lowered herself down on his dick and moaned. “Yeah, those abilities you have thanks to me really give some immediate impact,” she said and licked her lips, causing them to glisten in a source-less light; “Time to test what else they can do.”

With his dick already well lubricated with saliva and precum and Gaia being dripping wet, moving was not a problem whatsoever. As Gaia pulled back up, John blinked. Her ass slowly rocked forwards as Gaia looked back and gave him an amused sneer before slamming all the way down the base.

John felt three pussies rub over his dick. The different positions made the folded walls tense at different place, causing them to massage different parts of his cock. If that wasn’t enough, he was more sensitive too, not only from the short-term abstinence but also because he, quite literally, had three times the cock that could be pleased right now.

Gaia didn’t care, she slid right back up his shaft with her tight snatch rubbing threefold over his whole length. John clenched his teeth. “Aw, too much for you?” Gaia laughed at him, her eyes glowing with power. John shook his head and put his second hands on her hips as well. If he was going to enter supreme pleasure hell, he was going to give the sassy deity the pounding that she deserved.


Gaia was spread out in front of him, his hands stuck between her wonderfully smooth thighs and waist. Her stomach was wrinkled because of the position her legs were in, and for the same reason, her thighbones stuck out from her sides a bit.

“You done staring yet, you pervert?” she wanted to know; “Don’t forget that you are pleasing, or at least trying to, the number one deity here!” Her tiny frame was just such a prime target for a good fucking that John met her demands with a relentless assault. If she was going to make fun of him, all he needed to do was to fuck the words out of her.

And so he started intensely thrusting as he blinked.

Gaia’s face changed into a satisfyingly surprised expression. Mouth wide open, she had just been about to say something, but she let out a high-pitched moan instead. The smug smile was wiped off her face as she failed to close her mouth again in the fast ravaging John presented to her. ‘I am not the only one who feels all of this thrice,’ John thought as he thrusted from…

Behind, he pulled back a hand and slapped the supreme deity’s ass. The ripples of jiggly meat and sharp cry, more bliss than pain, tempted him to do it again; however, he gave Gaia the chance to utter a complaint. “H-hey! Aaaaah!” He thrusted as hard into her as he could. “D-do-“ “Do that again?” John groaned an interruption with a wide grin; “With pleasure.”

The smack echoed over to the next reality, Gaia’s yelp was accompanied with her letting go of her legs, as she lay in front of John. Concentrating on not moaning too loudly and giving John the satisfaction of knowing how good he made her feel, she didn’t notice how her legs instinctively wrapped around the Gamer’s hips and locked behind his back.

John very much noticed that and smirked widely, readjusting his efforts. He had just cum a bit ago, so he was incredibly sensitive to what was happening right now, but he wasn’t close yet. She, however, was practically writhing underneath him, her pussy gushing in her first orgasm.


Gaia had messed with the bull, and now she was getting the cock. Physically she may have been still on top, but she was not in control of this rodeo. John thrusted into her from below and each time her whole body jumped. Struggling to sit upright as she moaned loudly throughout her orgasm, which was prolonged without end as John did his best to degrade Gaia to a mess of screaming and quivering.

Gaia’s movements were searching for a rhythm that matched his, her body craving that same pleasure as any human would. Even the supreme goddess could be reduced to her bare instincts, it seemed.

Their hips met over and over again as she hovered up and down while also moving her body normally. Blink. Her ass jiggled every time he went balls deep into her. Her moans were muffled by the pillow she buried her face in. Blink.

Plainly for John to see, Gaia’s eyes rolled upwards. Those orbs of wonderful, vibrant green, like a grassy plain under a summer sun, now glassy with lust and barely visible. Her mouth wide open, red lips forming an O, with her tongue lolling out. Gracelessly, saliva ran over her chin as her face contorted into a grimace of pure bliss. Her pussy was gushing and writhed around John’s cock. Completely senseless sounds left her mouths, screams of intense physical pleasure made noise, cries of debauchery made constant, moans of bottomless delight echoing through the eternity of a split reality. All a constant reminder that seemingly every single one of John’s thrusts sent Gaia over the edge.

The sights, the sounds, the tripled feelings. The sextupled feelings, the twelvefold feelings. Reality split again and again. “M-more!” Gaia demanded with the rest of her gasping voice. More positions, more cocks into her, more thrusts, more wonder, more pleasure. John’s brain switched off as it became unable to follow. He was a single, seemingly endless, thrust forward as the pleasure of hundreds of him impeded on his mind, and once that thrust had met its end, all of these realities went white.

The feeling of coming inside all of them at once was indescribable. The gorgeous small deity writhed, she arched, she screamed, she whimpered, every possible end result, every single position the female body could take at their height were before John’s eyes. Curled toes, bent spines, meeting lips, rolled back eyes, focused gazes, endless, the combinations were endless, but they all were getting their pussies creampied with John’s seed. Spurt after spurt, he emptied his balls into them, overtaken, wordless, soundless, his body focused on this seemingly forever lasting release.

However, there was no such thing as a real forever, and so he eventually collapsed, feeling Gaia twitch under him as the realities folded back into one space.

Welp, what now?

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