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Chapter 8 by Daylan Daylan

Let Her Work Or Try To Take Charge?

Take Charge

You shoot your hands out to grab hold of Amelia's wrists and, moving quickly, you heave your body, flipping the two of you around so that she is now the one pinned beneath you, grinding your crotch against hers forcefully. Amelia tenses her arms and, for a moment, begins to push back against your grip. She manages to raise her arms an inch or two off the mattress before she suddenly goes slack, letting you keep her pinned once more. "The aggressive type, hmm?" she says, licking her lips in anticipation, "Okay then, show me what you can do with that dick of yours."

You press your lips to hers so that you can remind her that you are the one in charge now, your second kiss showing you are a fast learner as your tongues dance together. Amelia moans openly into your mouth, those moans growing in pitch as your hands slide down her arms and then slide around to her breasts. You had read somewhere that small breasted women were more sensitive and, given the sounds Amelia makes as you roll her nipples between your thumbs and forefingers teasingly, there seems to be some truth to it as she gasps and groans loudly once your mouths part.

You change your motions, now starting to tug on her tits firmly, causing her back to arch. "Ahhh... fuck," Amelia groans, "Most guys... ignore 'em... 'cause of their size..."

Your response is a mere wink as you start rocking your hips against her again, the friction of your crotches coming together through your clothing sending pleasure through both of you as your hands continue their work and you lean your head down to lick at the hollow of her throat. You may not have any real-life experience with sex beyond the occasional need to relieve yourself with your own hand, but you have read enough porn (and even a few How To books on sex) to know a few areas considered to be soft spots on a woman's body.

To that end, you move your tongue slowly up and down the hollow of Amelia's throat as you alternate your rubbing and tugging on her nipples. Amelia moans more at the stimulation, back still arching towards your hands as he tilts her head to the side to give your mouth easier access. You mix in a few kisses with your licks and even briefly head upwards, capturing her earlobe between your teeth and tugging at it gently. "Ah... ah... N-Nice... foreplay," Amelia groans, "but is that all ya got?"

At her challenging statement, you smirk and decide to do something a bit more direct. You move your left hand out of the way and all but glue your lips to her pert nipple, suckling on it hard while continuing your gently, soft tugging and rubbing of her other breast with your right hand. This draws a pleasured yelp out of Amelia, which is repeated when you very carefully clamp your teeth down, now using your mouth to tug instead of your hand. "Oooh, yeah," Amelia groans, arching her back more towards your mouth.

Your free hand trails down, your fingertips brushing over her belly and then drawing another shudder from her as you slip around to her back, squeezing her buttock in time with your grinding against her core. You remove your right hand from her other breast, leaving your lips, teeth and tongue to take over as your mouth switches sides, trailing behind her to stoke her arched spine and taking hold of her other lower cheek. This gives you more leverage down bellow, which you exploit by dry humping Amelia more forcefully.

"Ah... fuck," Amelia groans again, "Yeah... c'mon... work me over... don't need to be gentle... I won't... break..."

You chuckle at her obvious goading... but see no reason not to indulge her. You suddenly shift your grip again, hiking her legs up and slipping your hands into the waistbands of her shorts and panties to pull them off and toss them aside before resting her knees on top of your shoulders. Amelia seems caught off guard slightly by your second show of sudden aggression, looking up at you with wide eyes as her parted legs leave her visibly wet pussy, framed by a neatly trimmed halo of hair, exposed to you. "Holy shit," she whispers, "Maybe there's a fuck stud in you after all."

You grin at her before hiking her up a little more, leaving her bent almost in half (though she doesn't seem to mind the intense positioning) before dipping your head down and giving her lower lips a kiss. Amelia shudders at the contact, which you repeat before extending your tongue to trace the shape of her womanhood, rewarding you with more gasps and sighs from her lips. She then all but screams as you press your tongue into her slit, wriggling it for every inch you can reach until your nose is pressing against her core, the tip rubbing up against her clit.

Your book learning has guided you well so far, but now that you are penetrating her, even with only your mouth, something inside of you takes over. Listening to Amelia's moans as you lick, wriggle and suck at her core, you quickly gain a sense of which areas are more sensitive to her by the changes in their pitch and length. Focusing on those spots enough causes Amelia to start gritting her teeth, hissing between them as her face grows more and more flush from your attentions. "Ahhh ahhh oh gooooood," she pants, "My pussy... feels so gooooood..."

Internally, you smile (as your mouth is currently too occupied to actually do so) but all of a sudden, something in one of her grunts causes the instincts you are following in your head to send out a warning, causing you to pull back, letting her legs drop back onto the bed. Amelia looks up at you in dazed confusion, obviously close to an orgasm that you have denied her but, for some reason not trying to do anything about it herself despite how much her fingers twitch and curl in need.

You reach down for your belt, popping it open and then undoing the button and fly of your pants before pulling it and your own underwear down to let your rock hard cock spring free. Amelia sees this and a shaky grin pops on her face as she spreads her legs wider for you... but also seems to be halfway turning over, like she wants you to take her on all fours from behind.

It seems like she is not sure which of the two ways she wants to be taken and either of those options sound good to you... or maybe you have something else in mind.

How Do You Take Her?

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