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Chapter 8 by TheDespaxas TheDespaxas

After school special!

Private tutoring.

John stayed in the room until everyone had left. Ms Summers locked the door before turning back towards him.

"That was nice of you to offer me some coverage, John," she said while removing his blazer and exposing her bare breasts to him. "It's a shame you are better at writing and drawing than sculpting, you have some interesting inspiration."

John twitched. He knew he had a low score in charisma and was wondering how the heck he could have a +69 score with her. He was good at drawing (the high agility and intellect helped a lot), but he never showed any of his personal writing at school.

And for a good reason most of what he was writing and drawing were erotic stories he posted online.

"You know about my writing? How?" he asked her.

She had taken from a small box some thread and a needle. And was now removing her dress showing that all she had under was a small thong smaller in size than a dollar bill.

"You used your symbol to sign one of the artworks you did for class, I already knew your work but I was glad to discover that you were one of my students," she said, sewing a couple of new buttons on her dress standing there all but naked in front of him.

For years John had written erotica online and added some drawings to illustrate his stories. He had a little scribble looking like a grinning devil he used as a profile picture and signature on his work. Apparently he signed a piece for his art class with it and his teacher was a fan of his.

Once she finished fixing it she put her dress back on. She was perfectly aware of the effect her little show had on him. Once again dressed as decently as she usually did she smiled at him.

"I'd like to help you put to practice some of the wonderful ideas you have. You have no idea how many torrid nights I had pleasuring myself reading your work. Be there at 2:00pm Saturday we'll have some private tutoring in some very important subjects. Here's a little preview," she said to him.

As she said that she kissed him on the lips, he was taken by surprise and it didn't turn into a French kiss but he enjoyed it nonetheless.

Achievement unlocked: First kiss.
+5 libido
+2 charisma

New skill: Gamers luck lvl 1, passive.
Gamers luck: you have an increased chance of having fortunate events happen to you and a decreased chance to get unfortunate events. Modifier +5%.

As he was reading the pop-up she reached under her dress and removed her thong, then gave it to him with a business card inside of it to give him her address.

She then opened the door and pushed him outside. He quickly stored both in his inventory and went to his next class trying to ignore the massive tent in his pants and to try to comprehend what just happened.

Time for the next class.

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