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Chapter 9 by TheDespaxas TheDespaxas

Time for the next class.

Biology 101 acquired.

John walked like a zombie into Mr Stone's biology class and went to his seat. His best looking teacher knew he wrote erotic stories, loved them, stripped for him, kissed him and invited him to her house on the weekend to put in practice his perverted ideas...

The Gamer's luck skill was not lying, he really got lucky indeed. He opened his inventory to check out the second pair of female underwear in it. It reminded him of a video game and he almost expected to see a fairy appear to teach him how to seduce girls by matching gems on a grid.

Temptress' shield: special item. This very small thong is the only thing June Summers wears under her dress for class. Owning it increases her likelihood of accepting a request made of her by 20%. It has the smell of the juices from her pussy.

Could even normal items bought at a store get special powers like that through his Gamer power? This was almost frightening that a thing so powerful could exist. She was at a very high score with him and with a 20% modifier he doubted she would refuse him anything on Saturday.

"Alright everyone I left one of the new textbooks on each desk, open it to the introduction. This book is a very complete work and will cover everything we'll see for the next three years so take care of it," announced Mr Stone.

John used Observe on the book, it had become a habit to do it very often on everything new.

Rather than a description of the book a strange pop-up appeared.

Learn Biology 101?

John clicked yes almost without thinking and in a flash he had an advanced knowledge of biology.

To his surprise the pages of the book were now blank.

New skill: Biomancy lvl 1, passive.
Biomancy: magic type related to life.
+20 hp
+10% to positive effects on hp
-10% to negative effects on hp
+10% hp regen
Increased chance to unlock Biomancy skills through Meditation.

New skill: Augment body lvl1, 50 mp
Augment body: reinforce permanently by 5% the part of the body targeted. Limit of 5% x (skill lvl+1)

This was what he was thinking about, real magic stuff. And the ability to enhance his body? Awesome, he knew something he wanted to improve before the end of the week, a shame it would be only by 10% unless he could lvl up the skill. He had no idea how many uses would make it go up but he would probably spend his free time at home using it on him as soon as Meditation gave him his mana back. But first he needed a cover.

"Mr Stone, I think there was a printing issue. All the pages of my book are blank," John said, showing the book to his teacher.

"Oh that's strange, let me give you another one, John!" replied Mr Stone bringing him a new textbook.

John wondered what other books could bring him. As much as he disliked the idea of destroying books, a trip to a library was in his near future.

The temptation was big to continue using his powers but he was nearly out of mana and wanted to cast Augment body as soon as possible, with his luck anything could happen and every help his dick could get before that was good to take. Besides he had already observed everyone in the class except for the teacher. He observed him but it was a waste. A lvl 7 teacher with a +12 relation score, little interest to him.

He spent the rest of the hour using Meditation as much as he could to regain mana, knowing everything that was in the book made this class rather boring.

In deep contemplation he figured that once his mana pool was bigger and he'd have maxed his body, he could use this new skill on girls to make their tits bigger or things like that.

His mana pool was a true bottleneck right now, he had cool powers he could barely use.

He was brought back to reality by the bell, he had skipped the whole class lost in his thoughts.

His mana bar was full now and to his surprise it was at 65/65mp he had gained 5 max mp without explanation, he didn't know if it was linked to Biomancy or Meditation.

What he knew was that he would run to the bathroom before next class.

Only one more class before lunch.

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