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Chapter 4 by TheDespaxas TheDespaxas

Does he take something and from whom?

Panty-snatcher [TheDespaxas]

He decided to try his new skill on Vanessa. He could cast Observe just by thinking about it while looking at things it should be the same for that.

It didn't work though. He got a message saying he was out of range. He moved his hand to her, touching the back of her seat and tried again.

Close but not enough. With the tip of his finger he touched the back of her uniform's collar and focused after making sure no one was looking at him. He hoped that when it lvled up he wouldn't need contact for this skill.

Theft successful, undetected.

The fact he could be detected never even crossed his mind. He quickly moved his hand away from her. He opened his inventory reassured that no one could see it and looked at what he got.

Pink panties: this pair of underwear belongs to Vanessa Hawthorne, it has been worn once since being washed and smells like her pussy.

Sure he could see some details with observe while in his inventory but who was writing such comments?

He could barely believe it, he just snatched the panties from one of the sexiest girls in school. Not only did he get them but she would be going commando all day long if she didn't have a spare at school.

He was at 24/60 mp now and if he tried to steal something else in a few minutes he would be drained dry for the start of the school day.

The bus soon entered the courtyard in front of the Academy.

John got out and went to his first class of the day.

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