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Chapter 88 by Funatic Funatic

It was too late to run now.

How to not get violently murdered by a dragon.

The Fire of Destruction rose from the rusty chest and stretched. The Obsidian scales crinkled and cracked as she did, showing more of the lava-like glow underneath. John had the first look at her hands. The scales covered her whole arms in a spiky surface, ending in razor sharp looking claws that were pitch black.

Nathalia let out a yawn, and a sulphuric yellow cloud left her mouth. “Huh, I must have slept for a while for my fire to need rekindling.” She muttered and rose from her confinement. Her voice was raspy and on the deep side for a woman but nonetheless sultry. Her obsidian clad feet hit the ground with a sharp scratching. She looked around. Much like a human doesn’t look at an ant she apparently didn’t even notice the three of them. “Now where have I ended up this time?”

Her body radiated enough heat to warm up the dank room to the point where John felt he was sitting next to a heater during the deepest winter. Despite the terrible situation he was (most likely) in John couldn’t help to be disappointed that the black scales covered Nathalia’s crotch area.

John mustered his courage and cleared his throat. “Ahem, this might be prudent of a mortal such as me but could you maybe not kill us?” “…” No answer but the black dragon’s eyes now lay on him, and it made him feel…well he was having trouble breathing. “Now my food wants to speak to me, in Gaia’s name, does nobody know who I am?” “You are Nathalia, the Fire of Destruction.” John said, hoping that would get him somewhere.

It got him suddenly changing places as Nathalia nailed him against the wall, dealing 56 damage to him in the process. He hadn’t seen her move at all he just suddenly was back to the stone, held up by the big woman. Her clawed hand burned on his throat, and he could see his HP Bar slowly decreasing. The pain was mind-numbing. Nathalia’s eyes burned into his. Her mouth curved into a dangerous smile.

“Interesting.” The heat reduced to being merely uncomfortable, stopping his HP decrease at 43. “You answer my questions then, little human.” Her voice took a different tone, dangerous still but also patient. For the moment. “Where are we?” “T-the United States of America.” “…where is that supposed to be?” “Ehm, North-America, Western Hemisphere?” John was confused and dared to ask, “What year did you start your slumber?” “You think I would know of your ridiculous system to count time?” “Well, you do seem to speak our language.” The pain on his throat flared up again as Nathalia grit her teeth. “I speak Draconian, you measly mortal. Thank Romulus for blessing you humans with the gift to understand us.”

Well, he wished he would get information like that in less threatening situations. Wait, how did she understand him then? His HP ticked down to 39 before the pain stopped. “The last event I recall of your realm is the fall of Constantinople at the hand of the Turks.” Oh, well, that was only roughly 600 years ago. “You are on the other side of the planet.” John cut the explanation short. That may not be the most accurate estimate but Nathalia let him go, and John dropped to the floor rubbing his throat.

Nathalia looked down at him with interest. “You suffered no burns…what is your name?” “John Newman.” He said. The black dragon turned from him and looked at Rave who looked like she was torn between being frozen in terror and attacking Nathalia to help him. Aclysia, on the other hand, looked like she just shut down completely.

“Mhm, I guess this is your girlfriend from the way she almost has enough courage to attack me. Cute.” Nathalia walked over, swinging the perfect curves of her scale-covered arse with every step. Walking up to Aclysia she said, “This one is interesting. She is part dragon, but infinitely weaker than the weakest of us. Did you make her, John Newman?” “Yes.” He affirmed. Nathalia put her hand on Aclysia’s chin and inspected her. “It seems my presence has caused her to pass out. Just adorable.”

She circled Rave. “It almost will be a shame to eat you.” Nathalia licked her lips, “Only almost though….” She grabbed Rave from behind opened her mouth wide and revealed her teeth. The front looked closely human, but the teeth at the back were those of a predator, sharp and only there to rip flesh apart, Rave tried to struggle, but there was nothing she could do. “WAIT!” John shouted.

Nathalia closed her mouth again but kept Rave in her grasp. There was a slight sizzling sound, and Rave’s expression made it clear that she was in pain. Looking at John with interest Nathalia waited. “I know you have another desire besides hunger!” The smile on her lips returned, and she let Rave go. Unlike John, she wasn’t lucky enough to be spared of slight burns. They still looked treatable though. “You think you can satisfy a dragon, and ME on top of that?” She giggled, “Mhm, letting you try will not waste my time more than sleeping has. Very well.”

She pointed her right palm at the floor which melted in response and reformed as a rectangle shaped stone platform, roughly as high as John’s hips. “Let’s hear it from your girlfriend first though,” Nathalia said with delight. “Do you want me to eat you both.” She let out a drawn out breath and with it danced out a small tongue of flame, “Or ruin your boyfriend for you?”

“Well, you can try!” Rave found her voice again, she hated being challenged, even if it was by a ten-thousand-year-old dragon of death and destruction. Which she didn’t know, but she probably could feel that this woman was not ordinary, especially after getting burned. “Let’s see you ‘ruin’ my man.”

Nathalia wasn’t listening anymore; she was strutting to the stone table she had just created and sat down there. She wiggled one of her claws at John to make him step closer. Because he had no other choice, and because his dick at this point overtook part of the thinking function, he did. “I fear I am a bit stiff after sleeping for so long.” The dragoness groaned and lied down on her chest, “do me a favour and massage me for a bit.”

John was a bit dumbfounded by the request but mumbled, “If you want that.” And put his hands on her back. He wasn’t exactly great at massaging; the two times Rave had asked it of him he had failed to relax her truly. If only he had a skill for something like that….

Well, he guessed that this was the best kind of jinxing. His hands, instead of just going through motions, suddenly understood the stiff muscle tissue underneath and how to pressure it to loosen the cramps. Nathalia softly gasped as she felt the sudden change. “Mhm, and here I thought I already needed to change my mind.” She purred as his hand relieved ancient pressure from her lower back.

His hands slowly made their way upwards, along her spine, massaging the parts not covered by the Obsidian scales. He stayed as far away from the sharp looking tissue as he could, his HP-pool was low enough as it was. As he applied soft force to the muscles in her left shoulder, the scales started to shrink away. It was an interesting sight, as his hands kept probing and rubbing her surprisingly soft and smooth skin more and more of the hard scales vanished.

As his work obviously had the intended effect, John allowed himself a moment of relaxation to marvel at what he was doing. The light-brown skin of the dragoness seemed to glow from within under his hands, and indeed it felt like her body temperature was several degrees higher than some normal humans. Where the scales vanished normal skin appeared, the lava boiling under the surface, giving John new places to massage and thus lure more of the soft gasps from Nathalia’s lips. Guided by the vanishing scales his hands travelled all over her body. Until the ones covering her arse were the ones that disappeared.

He gulped, he knew what he had bargained for but now it seemed to get serious. “Don’t hesitate or I might remember my cravings.” Nathalia reminded him with a throaty giggle that was accompanied by a breath of fire.

‘Here goes nothing’ John thought and glided his hands over her cheeks. They were as soft as he had dreamt. Despite being here to pleasure her, he couldn’t help but dig his fingers deep inside and take in the feeling. “Mhm, I feel you enjoy this.” Nathalia purred as John kept grabbing more at her arse than was necessary for the massage.

“Enough!” the dragoness suddenly interjected in a harsh voice. John hastily pulled his hands back as she rolled over and continued in a much softer tone, “Continue here.” She seductively waved from her still hidden quim over the athletic stomach up to her big breasts, also still partly hidden by Obsidian.

He started with her stomach. He rubbed the hardened muscles up and down, adding circular movements of his fingertips were necessary as he pushed back the stress and scales alike until the only scales remaining on her torso were those on her nipples and her pussy. The first of the two mentioned first. Nathalia stared at him with heated passion, a challenge, did he dare? He did.

Like with her arse the softness was fantastic but he felt something beyond the soft perfection of her big breasts. Her heartbeat, slower than humans but much stronger, as it surged hot lava like blood through. It was like he was on the verge of a crater and a pool of burning bliss was just one step, one dive, away.

The last bit of volcanic glass vanished from her crotch and John slowly let one hand travel down, keeping his eye contact with the dragoness the whole time. Her stare was both burning into his soul and stoking the flames of his lust. He pressed two of his fingers against her clit and drew a new reaction from as she moaned openly. “Lower!” She half pleaded and half commanded. John was happy to oblige and travelled down to her dark red pussy lips. He rubbed it with skilled movements for a few minutes before Nathalia finally had enough. “TEASE ME NO LONGER!” She roared, slamming a fist on the table with a cracking sound.

As calm as his Wisdom allowed him, which was VERY calm, he complied. A long-relieved sigh went through Nathalia’s shuddering body as two of his fingers danced in and out of her clenching pussy. She was unbelievingly hot, hotter even than Aclysia shortly before her orgasm and it was not until Nathalia arched up under his touch that he understood that it was exactly what was the cause here as well. The dragoness dug small trenches into her stone with screeching noises only overpowered by her scream as she came against John’s hand. With a Libido of 130, her sensitivity must be insane, likely the reason why she hid her private parts under the scales like that.

John had no more possibility to wonder about that as he suddenly was pulled downwards into a heated kiss. Nathalia’s tongue was quick to invade his mouth, and from it, a fire spread through his body. His senses went into overdrive suddenly, and he greedily met her with his tongue as he dug a hand into her orange hair.

Nathalia swung her hips off the table and set a claw on his collarbone. With unfathomable precision she pulled the finger downwards, cutting only the fabric of his shirt while leaving nothing but a slight prickling on his skin. With his trousers she was more delicate, opting to open them the traditional way after fidgeting a bit, not understanding the wonder that was a zipper.

Once his pants fell, however, Nathalia pushed him softly, forcing him to take a step backwards which gave her just enough time to turn around and bend over the table, presenting her arse to the now naked John. She sent her long hair flying with a strong movement of her neck and then grinned at John. “Take me.”

Nothing he needed to hear twice. He grabbed her by the full hips as he aligned his cock with her dripping cunt and pushed inside. Her walls were quivering from the entrance alone, and John lost himself in mind-melting heat that surrounded him, only getting stronger as he pushed deeper and heightened incredibly by her blessing.

“Oh, yes!” Nathalia groaned, her upper body resting on the table. “Fuck me, John!” “Your wish is my command.” John returned as he slowly pulled out and started to take the dragoness from behind. Her pussy was out of this world, both literally and figuratively. It was tight enough to make each thrust the most heavenly torture and yet loose enough to make the movements easeful, wet enough for him to push into her with enough lubrication but not so overly drenched that the pleasuring friction was lost.

Again, and again he pushed inside, moaning as he did, and each time he was buried within to the deepest point, the quick, hard thrust making her arse jiggle, he got a long moan. He wasn’t meant to last, but he had to. Not to satisfy her, the thought of survival had long since wandered into the back of his mind, just to taste more of this…this…this Abyssal Pleasure. He had no other words to describe it; it was the very height of what he could imagine and beyond that.

Still, he kept pistoning his hips back and forth with willpower above what he usually brought up. Her screams and moans, gasps and screams, they were his fuel as he kept going and going. Burying himself inside her, the whole length of his dick all the way to the base, always following the melody of their hips clashing, slave to the pleasure of her writhing walls that contracted around his dicks at random intervals as the dragoness came again and again with her stupendous sensitivity.

One of these thrusts were too much. Nathalia felt it and blissful words ringed in John’s ears as his balls tightened. “FILL!” His shaft throbbed ecstatically, “ME!” the semen boiled, wanting to escape their tight confinement, “UP!” violently he came inside her, spurt after spurt of white seed tainting the insides of the dragoness’ deepest most private parts as the Gamer kept going to still keep tasting the pleasure she could give him and loudly moaned as he did. He felt a gush of liquid together with a surprised gasp turning scream of pleasure from Nathalia as she squirted hot, a splattering sound on the ground as her orgasm continued even beyond his. It was still going on when pulled out, her whole body jerking and convulsing her breaths loud and ragged, her claws digging another pair of lines into the stone.

“Oh for…..oh….in my name….this is….” She gasped and slowly found her breath again. The scales spread over her body from the still scaled feet and arms until she arrived at her former appearance. “Hah.” She exhaled a final time before regaining her composure. “Wow, you are the second mortal ever to make me squirt, John.” She hesitatingly praised, “Good…. too good….” She was thinking about something and John was sure he wouldn’t like the result.

Does he?

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