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Chapter 7 by TheDespaxas TheDespaxas

A more interesting class.

Arts and crafts.

He had been a bit greedy, leaving him with only 15/60 mp at the start of his next class. Of course it left him enough to Observe people but his other skill was taking too much to use. And it's not as if he could use meditation now, the next class was Art class with Ms. Summers (but the young teacher, barely out of school, insisted on being called June by her students). Not a class to look like he's sleeping, he had more important things to do.

Like trying to look at what could probably be the best looking pair of tits he had ever seen. The art teacher was as always wearing one of her short summer dresses, not so short as to show her ass but leaving most of her beautiful legs bare. The top of it had a poor button straining to contain what was left hidden of her large breasts considering the amount of cleavage already exposed and doing it despite the prayers or wishes of all the male students for it to fail in this task.

No one had ever known her to wear a bra to school and it led to further rumors that she might not be wearing panties either, sadly unverified and probably unverifiable.

Each student had a lump of clay and was instructed to craft something out of it. John was no great artist and his inspiration was linked to some of the oldest interests of humanity.

It's no wonder that after letting his mind wander and ogling at June what he did ended looking a lot like the Venus of Willendorf, one of the oldest art pieces ever found, a crude sculpture of a woman with huge ass and breasts.

New skill: Craft lvl1, 30mp
Craft: use raw materials to create a low quality item.

A new skill! A good one for later but quite useless for now, it would take half of his mana bar to do it. He really had to find a way to make that skill use less mana or to extend his pool and regen.

John used Observe on his teacher.

June Summers
Teacher lvl9
Best tits in the game.
Relationship: +69

It was a lot more than a simple relationship score between a teacher and student could be. Could it be that she actually liked him? Loved him? An interesting lead to follow but he could hardly try to seduce her in class in front of everyone.

He would rather focus his mind and all his might on one single thing.

This damn button!

What was the point of having magic if he couldn't do even that. His eyes fixed on it he focused, tried to imagine it failing, tried to concentrate his powers...

Suddenly the button popped, going flying across the room under the pressure and with the quick release the two under it broke too.

The magnificent pair of tits of his teacher were now swinging freely in front of her exposed for all to see.

In the confusion that ensued John managed to snap a picture with his phone and to use Observe on her naked tits. Had he not just jacked off in the bathroom he would have probably cum in his pants just now.

New skill: Move lvl1, cost in mp depending on strength and length of effort.
Move: you can use your powers to move or manipulate small items at short to medium range.

He didn't know who gave him those powers but he could kiss them right now. This was an awesome skill and something he could practice a lot if the cost was correct.

He checked and saw that popping the button and checking her tits only used 6 mp. It was tightly closed to bear the pressure on it and using it on things that could easily move would be easier.

Seeing as no one was acting to help his teacher John saw an opportunity. He rose from his seat and went in front of her, nearly hugging her in the pretense of covering her. He could feel her awesome tits pressed to his chest through his shirt.

He removed his blazer and helped her put it on. While generous in appearance this gesture was calculated, the low buttons would still offer a huge amount of cleavage but the apparent safety it offered would dissuade her from looking for more to cover for now.

As he finished she came even closer to him. "Thank you John!" she whispered in his ear. And while getting away she landed a small kiss on his cheek.

He could see the relationship bar of every boy ticking down by - 5 and then up by +4. But most amazing was the fact that he just got +15 with his teacher. It put him at + 84 which looked like an amazing score. He wondered if he would be able to push his luck further.

"John stay after class to get your blazer back, you can't attend class without your uniform," she said.

With the mayhem her wardrobe malfunction caused rescinded the class continued until the ring of the bell without further incident.

After school special!

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