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Chapter 2 by 11kestrels 11kestrels

What happens next?

Abby is a little scared

"Burt, why do you want to do this?" Abby quizzed. "I'm very happy with you, and I'm very happy with things as they are. You're the only man I've ever had eyes for since we met. I can't even remember anyone who came before you. My life has been about you, and how much we love each other. It just scares me, and it worries me that you want me to do this. Is there someone else in your life besides me?" She gave Burt a puzzled look that a kid in a candy store might get if they were told they could have the whole store all to themselves.

Burt smiled at his beautiful wife of twenty-two years. She still looked amazing after all these years. It made him feel inadequate, like he was married to someone he didn't deserve. He really didn't expect her to protest his idea, but here she was, pointing out to him exactly how she felt about him. He thought to himself as she stood there waiting for him to respond. Perhaps he should just come out and tell her how he felt? "No Abby. There's no one else in my life. There's only been you" he began. "I just feel so inadequate sometimes like I don't deserve a woman like you. I feel like you deserve better than me."

Abby smiled at her husband. She walked over to him, and wrapped herself around him. "You are exactly what I deserve. I love you, so stop being so silly." She kissed him passionately, and he responded by kissing her back. "I love you so much I would do anything for you" she said after breaking the kiss. "If you really want me to do this, I will, under one condition. You'll be there with me to make sure nothing happens to me."

Burt was surprised by this turn of events. He never expected Abby to make a counter proposal like this. "You mean, you want me to watch you have sex with other men?"

Abby smiled. "That's exactly what I mean. But I also want to watch you have sex with other women. What's fair for me is fair for you. And to make it more interesting, neither of us will use birth control, and neither will any of our other partners. What do you say?"

Burt stood there holding Abby close, thinking about her proposal. He wasn't sure if he had opened up a Pandora's box, or what. He knew it was now too late to take it all back. Maybe he should just forget the whole thing? He looked deep into Abby's beautiful eyes...

Does Burt accept her deal?

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