soul chain manga continuation anyone?

fan continued manga fiction

Chapter 1 by Dragontuar Dragontuar

now I know that this would not be expected and this story is adult level content so if you are a minor in your nationality then please leave as I, nor anyone else would like to be sue because you ignored this warning/disclaimer. Now as for the disclaimer: I nor any author in this interactive have any proprietary rights to the manga soul chain and its affiliated companies, publisher, author. now any characters that I, or any author, posting a chapter in this interactive are their's, if they are not original characters, of the author, then they are of their rightful copyrights

A quick word to potential chapter writers keep it within the site rules as I don't wish to receive the fallout and as such, I have read this manga several times and after each time I think what could be next how will the princess find out how her scar came to be

and as such, I have started this interactive please place your username in the title and I can add you to the list as an author

so if you were able to continue the story how would you do so

More fun
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