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BBC for a Racist Wife

Chapter 1 by hotwifecouple13 hotwifecouple13

My wife was a nigger virgin when we met. She'd never been with a black guy and never intended to be. We were in agreement that blacks were generally dumb and violent, probably due to underlying genetic differences. We moved to a city with a very low percentage of them so we could raise a family in a relatively clean, pleasant, and crime-free area. Of course, we didn't go around broadcasting the fact that we were racist, and we managed to get along with a few blacks on an individual level. But for the most part, we didn't want anything to do with them.

Unfortunately, one of them had his way into our lives. I was being blackmailed. To be honest, I was a little impressed he was smart enough to pull it off. He really had me by the balls. If I didn't do what he wanted, I was going to prison for a very long time.

His demands were fairly predictable. He wanted $50,000 and whatever else we could give him. The figure had started higher, but we convinced him of a more realistic number we could actually pay, even though 50k was going to leave us with nothing. We also convinced him it was in both of our best interests for him to take the money and run. Ideally, we would never see each other again after he got his payoff.

We'd been negotiating in our living room for over an hour when I noticed him leering at my wife. We had just convinced him that $50,000 was possible, and he had started glancing around our house, probably looking for something else he wanted. His eyes finally landed on something he did want. My wife recoiled and gave him a dirty look as he reached out to touch her arm. "What are you doing?"

He wrapped his arm around her waist. "What are you gonna do, bitch? What are either of you gonna do? You gotta do what I say, right?" Rage started building, but it was impotent rage. He was right, wasn't he?

"My wife is not up for negotiation, dumbass."

"I disagree," he said. "Everything you have is up for negotiation. How bad do you wanna stay out of prison?" He turned to my wife, groping her breasts. "How bad do you wanna keep him out of prison, baby?" She pushed him away.

We all stood quietly for a moment before my wife broke the silence. "How much would you take off the price if I gave you a blowjob?" I closed my eyes. This wasn't happening.

"Sucking my dick? I can probably take something off for that," he said, grinning.

"If I fuck you, would you take $10,000 off the debt?"

"Honey..." I pleaded.


"Fuck you. You can have sex with me if you bring it down to $40,000. Final offer."

"Aight, deal." He laughed.

She turned to me. "I'm doing this for you."

"Ey baby, there's something in it for you too!" He laughed and slapped her ass.

"Let's get this over with," she said, unbuttoning her blouse.

I couldn't believe how hung he was. My wife's mouth could barely fit his thick black cock. Her pink lips wrapped around him as her tongue massaged his shaft, looking up at him with her big eyes, slurping loudly and moaning every so slightly. She was going to earn her ten grand. She sucked on his dick for a while before tonguing his balls while his heavy, dark cock rested on her porcelain face.

He tried to enter her doggystyle, but she was too tight. He flipped her over on her back and tried again. He eased the tip of his enormous cock inside her. He backed out and went in again, putting the tip in a little deeper. She whimpered. He slowly and gently penetrated my wife as she winced and cried out, burying her face in the pillow to her side.

"Nah bitch, lemme see you," He grabbed her hair and turned her face towards him. He wanted to see her in pain as she struggled to take his big dick. Her head tilted back as he went deeper and deeper inside, stretching out her tight little pussy. He started slowly but worked up the speed until his balls were slapping against her asshole with every thrust.

"Stop, stop," she murmured, still trying to get used to the monster cock inside of her. He didn't. "I said stop!" She started wailing on him, which made him laugh and hold her arms down above her. "Relax, bitch! Take this nigga dick."

My wife's face was flushed red. Her eyes were pouty as she tried her best to look mean and threatening, not easy for a cute girl like her. To be honest, she looked kind of adorable. Her arms were pinned back as he defiled her.

"You love this nigga dick?" He said tauntingly. "Say it, slut." Most girls would be shy about this part. They'd bashfully and reluctantly do as they're told, repeating the words softly, probably only once, and always making sure to say "nigga" and not the harsher "nigger". My wife was not so hesitant.

"Fuck me with your big nigger cock, you fucking ape!" She screamed while he railed her. He was taken aback for a moment, but he seemed to like it. "Fuck me, nigger...just fuck me, you fucking monkey. Satisfy your big black cock with this little white girl, like all you filthy animals--" He suddenly put his hand over her mouth. This freed her up to start pummeling him again, so he was to take his long fingers away from her mouth and pin her arms back down. He never stopped pounding my wife's pussy.

"Does that bother you, nigger?" Now it was her turn to taunt him. "Nigger, nigger, nigger, nigger," she repeated while he fucked her harder, her tits bouncing rhythmically.

"Say you love this nigga dick," he commanded her. She did as she was told.

"I love this nigger dick," she said, looking him in the eyes. "I love your nigger cock, I love your big nigger body. Stretch out my little white pussy, nigger."

He wanted to try doggystyle again. She got on her knees and spread herself, presenting her pussy to him. He went in slowly and groaned as he slid his cock inside her. She cried out and stopped spreading her ass, but she was determined. She grabbed the bedsheets and braced herself. "Do it, nigger." He pulled out and penetrated her once again, my wife's face in a shocked state of awe. She'd never been this _full _before. "Oh my god, fuck me, nigger...oh..."

The tightness must've got to him, because he immediately exploded inside my wife. Her pussy overflowed with cum as he railed her a few last times, dripping down her pussy and his balls while she made noises I've never heard her make before. She looked genuinely turned on. He held her hips and moaned, satisfied. His softening cock still rested inside her as her flushed, bewildered expression morphed into ecstasy. Then her legs started shaking and she suddenly massaged her clit. "Ohh...Oh!" She came on his big cock, only half hard but still filling her up completely. She moaned again, shuddering, making another sound I had never heard before. "You're so big, daddy..." She caught herself and tried to regain composure. Her eyes opened and flipped on her side, his cock exiting her with one smooth motion. Cum spurted out of her. She was obviously embarrassed, but it wasn't just because of the noise. She had gotten turned on fucking that BBC.

I honestly didn't care at that point. He had already fucked the hell out of my wife. The fact that she didn't completely hate it didn't make it much worse than it already was. I didn't care that she got something out of it. Besides, she was only in this mess because of me to begin with.

He zipped his pants up. "I'll be back for my $40,000 tomorrow." We heard the front door close as he left. Even though I couldn't stop looking at her, she couldn't bring herself to look at me. "It's okay," I reassured her. But I couldn't be certain what she was feeling. She just took a man's cock to keep me out of prison. She had every reason to hate me for that, but she obviously didn't _completely _hate the experience. Maybe I didn't either. I'd been rock hard the entire time. I started to rub my pants. She noticed and wordlessly reached over to me, grabbing my belt buckle. I took off my pants and she stroked my cock. "I love you, baby," I whispered to her. "I love you, too." We kissed, and I tasted what was left of his cock on my wife's tongue.

"Reclaim me," she whispered in my ear. She got on her knees so I could fuck her from behind, and she spread her legs as wide as she could, trying to keep her pussy from feeling too stretched out. It didn't help much. She was thoroughly destroyed. She barely felt like anything. I hungrily thrust into her, his cum still inside her, now dripping down my balls. I was hard as fuck. Getting sloppy seconds from my wife was insanely hot.

My phone buzzed and I glanced at the screen. "If you don't have it tomorrow, I'm coming back with one of my friends. I think he'd like to be introduced to your wife."

I felt a tinge of excitement deep in my stomach. Maybe I wouldn't have it by tomorrow, after all.

What's next?

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