Young Avengers under control

A mysterious figure manages to control the MCU's youngest heroines

Chapter 1 by HanTrollo HanTrollo

Given the nature of this story, I want to expressly state that all characters are over the age of 18 during the events of the story.

Thomas "The Perv" Pervson sat in his secret lab waiting for his computer to finish analyzing his latest formula. He'd once been a medical examiner in New York City, but was fired from his job for setting up a secret camera in the women's locker room. Before he was escorted from the building, The Perv managed to abscond with a large sample of Killgrave's DNA. There were rumors that Killgrave had a power that allowed him to control minds just by speaking a command, and Pervson was determined to replicate his abilities.

The computer chimed, indicating that the analysis was complete, and the results showed that he was successful. He wasn't able to fully imbue himself with the godlike power, but he created a throat spray that could give him Killgrave's abilities for about an hour at a time. While the effects on himself were very short term, the target would be under his influence indefinitely as long as he worded his commands correctly.

During his unemployed exile, The Perv formulated a plan for him to rise to power and have constant protection from harm. He was going to assemble a harem of superheroines to do his bidding. His research revealed that younger minds were more pliable and easier to control. And he didn't want to have any resistance if he decided to go after Captain Marvel, so he wanted to start with younger women. And he decided to go after a human being without powers first.

The Perv listened to his police scanner for hours until he heard something that piqued his interest. The new Hawkeye had responded to a gang shootout only about two miles from his lab. Pervson jumped onto his motorcycle and sped to the scene.

How does it go?

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