X-Men: Staring into the abyss

Rogue goes Undercover

Chapter 1 by extreme1000 extreme1000

Professor X had made one of biggest choices of his life, and he prayed it was the right one. There was a new drug called 'Edge' that had spread like wildfire in Mutant communities everywhere. Little was known about the gang that was spreading it, they had caught a few small timers, but all they learned was that the main gang was called 'The Muties'. That lack of information changed when they nabbed a small time dealer who let it slip that one of the members occasionally hung out at 'The Rathole', a transient bar that few paid attention to.
What posed a problem was another piece of info that the dealer that given them.
This member (known only as Flex) had, at least according to the informant) a taste for women who looked a lot like Rogue.
Now the Professor had to choose whether or not he wanted to send Rogue undercover, to cripple this gang once and for all.
Rogue, from the moment she heard the dealer say she was exactly Flex's type, was all for this challenge, she was chomping at the bit to stop these guys and hopefully slow (or even end) the distribution of Edge. But something was off about this whole thing.
Every person they picked up seemed to be immune to telepathy, Rogue wanted to use her powers, but if word got out that Rogue was taking peoples memories without their permission (and things like that usually did) gaining the trust of Non X-Men would be a lot harder. Rogue's powers were incredibly controversial with most mutants.
After much debate with the team, he realized that they had no choice but to send her undercover. Not to absorb Flex, they had no idea how big this group was and one member disappearing would most likely spook the others. Instead he ordered Beast to fashion a bracelet that would nullify her powers. Then they staged a fight in the Danger Room (although they told everyone it was on a mysterious island that dissipated as soon as they left. During the fight Rogue 'accidentally' put Gambit and Jubilee in harms way. Leading to a big (and public) fight with Cyclops, who kicked her off the team.
Just like that Rogue moved into a small apartment and began going to The Rathole on a regular basis.
It was now a matter of time until Flex appeared, and she could put a stop to The Muties once and for all.

What happens next?

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