Wikipedia God

Wikipedia God

Alter the text, alter the world

Chapter 1 by Mastermind9890 Mastermind9890

In the digital era where information is just a click away, Wikipedia stands as a towering repository of knowledge, accessible to anyone, anywhere. Most people believe that the individuals updating Wikipedia are volunteers, dedicated to sharing their expertise for the greater good. However, this is a misconception. In reality, they exist a secretive group called The Administrators.

This group isn't ordinary; its members are selected for their commitment to the principles of honesty and the free flow of information. They guard a profound secret: Wikipedia is more than a collection of articles; it's a reflection of reality itself. These custodians have pledged to observe the unfolding of events and document them faithfully, steering clear of fabricating information or engaging in global affairs. Their guiding principle is the awareness that altering a Wikipedia page could, in fact, alter reality.

In the dimly lit chamber, shadows danced across the stone walls, cast by the flickering candles positioned in a circle. The air was thick with anticipation, charged with a sense of solemnity that bordered on the sacred. At the center of this circle stood an initiate, her figure cloaked in a simple, dark robe that did little to betray her identity. Surrounding her were the members of The Administrators, each adorned in similar robes, their faces obscured by hoods. The only sounds were the soft murmur of their robes as they moved and the occasional crackle from the candles.

The ceremony began with the recitation of oaths, each member's voice echoing off the ancient stones, weaving a tapestry of commitment to truth, integrity, and the protection of reality as reflected through the digital pages of Wikipedia. The initiate listened, her heart pounding with a mix of excitement and reverence. When her turn came, she stepped forward, raising her right hand.

"I vow to uphold the sanctity of knowledge, to guard the truth with unwavering dedication, and to ensure the free flow of information for the betterment of the world," she intoned, her voice steady but filled with emotion. "I commit to the principles of The Administrators, to observe without interfering, and to protect reality from the shadows."

As the final words of her oath faded into the silence, a collective breath seemed to be released. The group, satisfied with the initiate's commitment, moved to the final, albeit mundane, part of the ritual—the addition of the initiate's email address to their secure system, marking her as someone who could edit Wikipedia.

"Your email address, young one," intoned a member standing nearby at a computer workstation set to one side, its screen casting a pale glow.

The initiate paused, her cheeks flushing with a hint of embarrassment. "It's... um,," she admitted, her voice almost lost amidst the solemn echoes of the chamber.

For a few seconds, the room was suspended in a stunned silence, the gravity of the sacred moment colliding with the whimsy of the email address. Then, a hooded figure beside the ancient computer stirred, breaking the spell as he began to type. The juxtaposition of the ceremonial grandeur with the mundane task of entering an email address was not lost on the assembly, creating an undercurrent of tension.

As the figure's fingers danced across the keyboard, a sudden sneeze shook him, muffling the sound of a premature beep—the first press of the enter key gone unnoticed in the echo of his sneeze. Quickly regaining composure, he continued typing, correctly finishing the email address and pressing enter once more, this time without incident. The group remained oblivious to the brief interruption, caught up in the ritual's conclusion.

Little did they know, in that brief moment of human error, they had inadvertently given access to the world's most potent tool for shaping reality—not to their carefully chosen initiate, but to a stranger.

A stranger who owned

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