Video Game Robosluts

Chapter 1 by algernonx algernonx

Thank you for calling Video Game Robosluts! As you probably already know, we are the top selling robotic company of our class. We have provided top-notch robotic sex dolls for over 150 years and the considerable age of our company can only be attributed to a very important factor: our deep compromise to provide customers with the most faithful recreations of video game characters.

Of course, customers reward good service and the constant growth of our company is a testament to that. However, you no doubt would prefer to skip the history class - worry not, we understand. As it stands, you're in luck, dear customer: thanks to deals struck with several game companies, we have completed in the past months the production of a revamped line of sex dolls based on several of your favorite games.

As our trademark, these fembots can be obviously customized in any way you, the costumer, desire. It's simply a matter of placing your order and you will receive your VGR within 5-7 business days. And then, you can use your robotic lover in any way you see fit.

Now please, pick the specific genre you would like to order a character from.

For Role-Playing Games, press 1.
For Action Games, press 2.
For Fighting Games, press 3.

For other options, press the # sign.

I'll be adding images to characters' portraits through links in the appropriate pages. Just in case you're unfamiliar with them and want to quickly see how they look.

(18/01/2018 Note: since the original creator algernonx has gone inactive for some time, I have adopted the story as an editor. I'll be updating many already existing chapters to an acceptable standard before moving on to adding new content. Also feel free to contribute to this story - user Spectre.exe)

(22/01/2018: To any potential contributors, please create the new chapters in the order they are listed in previous chapters. Otherwise, things are just placed randomly in a confused mess. Thank you - Spectre.exe)

Which do you choose?

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