Truth or Dare with the Guys

Truth or Dare with the Guys

How much can the twinks make their straight friend do?

Chapter 1 by BartyTrinky BartyTrinky

Your name is Matt, and you just hit the lottery!

Today, you just cashed the check - 450 MILLION dollars

You immediately think of one guy to celebrate with - your friend, Brian.

You have been friends with Brian ever since you moved to Las Vegas. You're both 21, and he's been Your best friend here. You've also known since you've met Brian that he's gay. At 6'1", 170 lbs with a babyface and light brown hair, he's almost looks feminine. However, you've never had those kinds of thoughts, as hot girls have been throwing themselves at you ever since you moved here. You're just 5'10", but you work out twice a day and have the body to show for it.

What do you do next?

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