Trading Places

Trading Places

Abandon All Privilege

Chapter 1 by princessjasminedoll princessjasminedoll

Douglas Lancaster shut the trunk of his Mercedes, and looked back at the resplendent mansion he called home. He was 27, and he already had it all. He'd graduated from college at 17, law school at 20, and he'd worked in New York before settling back in his home state of South Carolina, becoming immensely successful over the last three years.

He wasn't perfect by any means. He didn't work out enough. He was already balding. And his cock was a modest 5 inches, and slender to boot.

But he had everything you could ask for. He'd married a beauty queen, Elizabeth, the day he turned 25, and two weeks after she'd turned 19. She was 5'10, with perfect alabaster white skin and brunette hair. She was classy and elegant. Just like everything in his life. She waved at him as he prepared to leave, with the twins, Emily and Aaron.

But despite the idyllic life, he was unhappy. Not with what he did for a living, not with his wife, not with his kids, not with the house or the car. He was unhappy because it was all obtained through privilege. He'd never had to work hard a day in his life. He and Elizabeth both had trust funds. They both had the ability to do what they wanted, when they wanted. They never had to be hungry, or wonder how to pay the bills. And he kind of wanted to burn that life down. Not to prejudice Elizabeth or the kids in anyway. But to find someone who had spent his entire life downtrodden, underprivileged, and only knew what it was like to struggle -- and to elevate him into the catbird seat. Into his seat. With his wife, his advantages, his funds, and to see whether that privilege would turn him into the king of the house, the king of Elizabeth's heart, and make Douglas into a distant memory. He was going to have to jerk off when he got to work.

What's next?

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