The office

Dwights job

Chapter 1 by Phillacroix19 Phillacroix19

As I was zoning out at Pam, the search committee called me over to tell me I didn't get the manager position. I start sulking and thinking to myself "if Jim weren't on there that job would've been mine". When I left work, I started driving back to the farm miserably when I suddenly crashed into a ditch. When I came to, I was in a hospital with the people of the office there and a curvy young white nurse. I hear them chattering, asking if I'm going to be alright but I hear a voice in my head saying "Dwight, you've had a rought time. From here on out whatever you want you'll get."

That's when it all changed. I got out of the hospital one month later and said "Everybody I deserve to be manager. I want to be MANAGER!" They all stared at me for a second and the search committee said "Of Dwight. We'll call corporate right away." As soon as they said that I began to believe what the voice had said. I decided to test on Pam. "Hey Dwight, are you feeling better?" said Pam. "Of course I am. I assume youre feeling slutty as always?" She looks at me for a second before her outfit begins to change into a tight gray shirt with a mini skirt and she begins to get a sultry smile and saying "Of course Dwight." She begins to take her jacket off showing off her boobs as sexy as she could. Kevin begins to drool at the sight of her. Normally she would cover with a jacket or stare at Kevin and say "that's rude". But she looks directly at him, smiles and says. " you like what you see?" Immediately I understood that I could have whatever I wanted. "Any woman who isn't Pam or Angela come into my office." Kelly, Meredith, Phyllis and Erim immediately come to my office. Wanting to make all the women more attractive I made Meredith look like Emma Stone. I made Kelly Kim Kardashian. Phyllis eas now lookimg like Scarlett Johansson, and Erin Looked the same but curvier. I settled in my office and called Karen. " You don't want to be a manager, you want to be my personal assistant who does ANYTHING for me." Immediately she said "Absolutely I do." Wanting to make an office meamt purely for my pleasure I turned on the t.v. and saw MARVEL. I said to the female actresses (Elizabeth Olsen, Brie Larson, Hayley Atwell and Emily Van Camp) on the screen "it would be so sexy if you all came here wanting to do anything for a job from me." Immediately the actresses came into the office and said "Sir we will do anything just for a job". I decided to put that to the test. "Elizabeth Olsen, go make out with Scarlett." Immediately she ran out of my office an headed to the sales desk, grabbing formerly phyliss by the head and shoving her tongue in her mouth. Scarlett stood up and started to scream until I told her to enjoy it. Immediately she began moaning as elizabeth grabbed her hips and her ass, while shoving her tongue down her throat. It started to get intense when elizabeth began to lick her face also. Semi kissing and licking with alot of moans. Eating to get pam on something I...

Punish her and everyone else by making Angela a mistress

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