The World Is Black

A black ruled world where all the black man are huge with humoungous cocks and white boys are feminine sissies

Chapter 1 by Bnwo Bnwo

A group of black scientists discovered that hundreds of years ago white people intentionally spread a virus that had negative effects only on black men, decreasing their stamina, intelligence, muscle density, testosterone concentration and also reducing their cock and balls size. They nicknamed this virus "The White Virus". Shortly afterwards, an organization called "Black Divinity" created a much more powerful virus that quickly spread throughout the world. This virus became known as "The Black Superiority Virus" or BSV as people used it most. This virus, in addition to nullifying the effects of the White Virus on black men, also had several effects on all other races and genders.

In white women, there was booty enlargement and also an increase in breasts and nipples, as well as a reduction in fat around the waist and an increase in the diameter of the hips, in addition to an increase in the lips size, more muscles and fat burning in the thighs and legs in general, creating a world where almost all women are thin with fluffy and plump lips that have thick thighs with huge breasts, as well as really big, lean and round booties. Furthermore, they seemed younger and younger, with more stamina and sexual appetite, thus creating an uncontrollable desire to suck and fuck the huge black cocks that were growing longer and thicker every day thanks to the effect of the "White Virus" fading away. .

In white men the effects were the most interesting, the size of their dicks decreased every day, in addition to starting to concentrate fat in the breast region, increasing booty fat and also the diameter of their hips, drastically reducing their testosterone, also increasing their sexual apetite much more than that of white women. Their muscle mass reduced more and more as opposed to black men who became more and more enormous with huge muscles and even their stature that never stopped increasing, while with white men they became smaller and smaller, even being confused with girls often. Basically, they looked a lot like white women, they just had a really tiny clit that was getting smaller as time went by. The biggest difference was something that no one could predict, their body reacted very differently to exercise, so whenever a white boy exercised, his body prioritized one muscle over the other (usually his breasts or the ass), causing many white boys to have a huge ass or really big breasts, one or the other (normally).

And finally, the effects on black men were the most predictable. Their bodies began to produce 10, 20 even 100 times more testosterone than normal, increasing the size of their muscles and genitalia absurdly, as well as an increase in intelligence and strength beyond normal, making it easier for them to dominate the world as it always should have been.

What's next?

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