The Submission of Lily Truscott

An Adult Hannah Montana Story

Chapter 1 by Grimm05 Grimm05

The Submissive Life of Lily Truscott

Back again with another story idea, feel free to add chapters. This story takes place in an Alternate Universe and takes place after the show Hannah Montana ended. That being said all characters are EIGHTEEN YEARS or OLDER. No , acts of gore, and no minors allowed in the story.

Lillian “Lily” Truscott has been best friend of one Miley Stewart since the sixth grade and one of a few handful of people who knows Miley Stewart is in fact the world famous singer Hannah Montana. A secret the singer would have revealed to the world in the proper timeline but in this world the Tennessee born singer chose to maintain a dual life. This in turn created a Domino Effect that had a long-lasting effect on the singer’s life and most importantly that of her friends.

In one life Miley Stewart and Lily Truscott would enter university together and continue to become inseparable while in another Lily was to journey to university alone while her boyfriend Oliver attended another school and her best friend continued to tour across the world.

There Lily began her studies while also working part time at the local restaurant so she could have some extra spending money. Made it easier to be independent when you don’t have to rely on anyone for money so the poor girl was relatively alone.

Left isolated from most of her friends and family Lily was to the machinations of those who wish ill will to the blonde student especially after puberty blessed Lily with very impressive breasts, a flat stomach, and a sweet ass just begging to be slapped.

It should go as no surprise that someone would like to the buxom blonde but how you might ask? After all Lily has no debt given her family’s relative wealth nor is she particularly a troublemaker so how does one manage to Lily Truscott?

The answer lies in the rather flimsy disguise that was Hannah Montana and the fact that as the singer continued to grow alongside her entourage someone was bound to discover the truth about the singer’s double life. A secret no one ever thought would be discovered until one day rather than Hannah Montana for loads of money or fame Lily found herself the target.

After all you target a celebrity, you will burn as they will unleash every resource they have but target someone weaker and you might just get away with it relatively intact.

So imagine how frightened Lily became when she received an email with a video link showing her best friend Miley Cyrus not only donning the clothes of her alter ego but also her best friend practically naked as well.

Now Lily had been friends with Miley Stewart for nearly a decade by then, they practically went through puberty together so seeing her best friend practically naked was nothing new. That being said if anyone was to release the video currently on display Lily knew Miley’s life and Hannah Montana’s life would no longer be separated.

She would be hounded by paparazzi everywhere she went, her life no longer kept private and worse of all they could not enjoy each other’s company when they met up. Miley would never be left alone and worse of all she could well be corrupted by her fellow celebrities and become another has been,

As her best friend Lily knew that she had to do whatever it takes to keep her friend’s secret and reputation intact.

To that end, the nearly twenty year-old buxom blonde finds herself waiting in the university library for the blackmailer to call her or worse to appear in person.

Lily had no idea what was in store for her. All that she knew was they clearly didn’t want money, they wanted something else. The only question is what and better yet who is blackmailing her?

Who is the Blackmailer?

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