The Kleins

Chapter 1 by Ulap38 Ulap38

Myra and Hank had gone to the same college. The attraction between them was strong and near-instantaneous. They found they had a lot in common and were practically inseparable. However, they discovered something else that they both had in common. Despite loving one another and being committed to the relationship, both of them had very strong sexual appetites and couldn't remain monogamous. For a time it looked like this would separate the two, but in the end they chose to remain together because while neither could be with just one person for the rest of their lives, they deeply loved one another and decided the key was to embrace and share in this aspect of their personalities. It worked, the two would share in their mutual escapades, frequently while making love.

Even into their marriage this has continued, albeit less frequently do to responsibilities at home, including to their children; their daughters Betty and Jessica, and sons Harry and Chris. However, this has not stopped the couple from going on occasional romps, and in fact their lustful natures have been inherited by their children, albeit in different ways. These are the stories of their sexual adventures.

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