The Intense Institution

Prepare for an extended stay

Chapter 1 by Mahoozala Mahoozala

Your world is now darkness.

Your senses have been deprived for what seems like hours now. No sight, no hearing, hardly any feeling, and the smell of rubber constantly making itself known. You woke up this way. The last thing you remember is going to sleep the night before. You panicked at first but quickly settled after futile attempts to escape.

You noticed your head was covered and the smell of rubber indicated you were wearing a kind of rubber hood. Your hands were stuck together and covered so your fingers had no use. No noise escaped you since your mouth was stuffed with the masks built in plug. Even your ears weren’t safe as they were covered and taped to assure you remain clueless. And lastly, your legs were also wrapped together not even allowing you to bend your knees or part your thighs.

As you sat, you began to sway. You were in a car or some kind of van. Then something heavy fell on you. It began to squirm and work its way off of you. It was another person tied up like you. How many other people were with you? Two? Five? Ten?

You could do nothing except sit and wait until your journey would eventually come to an end.

Who are you?

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