The Collector

He who collects others

Chapter 1 by Grimm05 Grimm05

Some people collect stamps, while others might collect coins, or random trinkets from their childhood that they hold a special collection for them. For the rich and famous they might collect exotic cars, airplanes, and even whole islands but in the end, they always hold something that might be seen as useless for some and valuable to others. The same applies to even one as powerful as I and that is how this story begins.

When you have become as old and as powerful as I the universe becomes infinitely less enjoyable, especially after you’ve become the only being left after the heroes and villains of your universe accidentally destroyed the universe. Well, everything but my little green station capable of housing my vast library of books, artifacts, and even creatures I’ve chosen to keep shortly before the fools wiped everything away.

Looking back, a part of me wondered what it would have been like to collect some of the more lovely heroes and villains of my universe. Keeping them in my station in a state of perpetual captivity and only allowing them free when I desire it. It would have been a far better collection than hording power and useless trinkets but now I’ve gained something from such a desire.

And not just them of course but the random citizens of the universe that I find to be intriguing for one reason or another.

With a desolate universe before me I have decided to travel the Multiverse in search of new females to add to my collection be they heroes, villains, Gods, Demons, or even an insignificant waitress should I desire. All will be under my “Loving” care until I grow tired of them and simply return them from when and where I had taken them.

Of course, while I have my desires, I am not some disturbed pervert who gets a jolly out of underaged captives so I merely age them up to the desired age of eighteen just so they would not be left out of the fun.

Obviously, I would not damage my collection, well at least not permanently, and I certainly would never kill them as this would destabilize their timeline. Something not even I would dare risk despite the joys such an act might bring to one with the powers of the cosmos in their hand.

Naturally I have quite an extensive list of items to add to my collection, so much so that I will be traveling the cosmos for quite some time. Robotic aids will maintain the station and my collection of course but what’s the whole point of having a collection if you can’t have any fun with them?

That is why as I journey through the multiverse, I shall take my time to enjoy the fruits of my labors and play with my collection before putting them away.

Perhaps I shall alter their bodies to suit my desires or shatter their minds and rebuild them to my liking as though they were simply programs of a computer.

Imagine Wonder Woman believing I to be her Master and she was a lowly girl merely dressing the part for my amusement. Or I can take dear Mera of Aquaman and turn her into a proper mermaid, fins and all. Oh, the ideas I have are infinite and my powers greater still.

Join me as we walk the infinite universes in search of those who will be perfect for my collection. For I am the Collector and I collect.


So many years ago, there was a series called the Collector on DeviantArt that I quite enjoyed and after watching Guardians of the Galaxy I remembered the MCU had their version of the Collector as well. It didn’t take long for me to have fun with the story of course and create this story.

Now I will continue to write the Celebrity Bondage Story along with all of my others whenever the desire comes but they will be limited to one or two chapters per week. After all I have to pay the bills and writing these stories sadly doesn’t pay anything, unless my loyal followers are interested in me setting up a Patreon and such. If I do more chapters and stories will appear on a frequent basis rather than once a week of course.

Writers are welcome, ideas, and stories are welcome as well. Reference pictures and requests are always a must of course. All Writers Will Follow CHYOA Guidelines so if you have any characters that are minors you must age them up. In addition, if the actress herself is still underaged at the time of writing these stories please choose a different character and actress.

No , No Mutilations, and No Acts of are permitted for obvious reasons as well.

That being said let’s have fun with this story of course and enjoy. To all new viewers welcome to the perversions, do enjoy your stay.

Now what universe will we journey to? Anime and Manga? Comics? Television? Film? Video Games? Reality? Where will we go?


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