The Collection

Resist, or become another prize?

Chapter 1 by Mingle1 Mingle1

There exists in professional circles a legendary photographer. His portfolio is expansive. Landscapes, sports, journalism, and what he is most famous for, modeling. His ability to capture a subject's beauty is something to be marveled, but he also has an infamous reputation as well. Popular, respected models have often entered his studio with only professional intentions in mind, and end up staying weeks on end, the studio echoing with the sounds of flesh slapping on flesh, and lustful moans. The lucky ones escape after a quick screw. Less lucky ones can't help but let him take some more risque photos. The least lucky, get added to his collection. In their state of absolute surrender he records him having his fun. These unlucky, or as some see it lucky few have a single photo taken of them in their submission as his prize, which gets a spot of honor on the walls of his studio.

We shall be following the tales of some of those who end up in his studio, whether on business, pleasure, or by chance. The womanizing collector by the name of Randy, or as known in some circles as, 'Ravish me Randy', will attempt to seduce them, and add them to his collection. Will they resist, give in for a quick fuck, or completely give in to become another slut on his wall?

So now, who shall we follow?

What's next?

More fun
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