The Camera of Control

The Camera of Control

One Pervert's Dream!

Chapter 1 by CelebMaster69 CelebMaster69

Julius Offerman was a typical nerd, even in college. He even had the big, bulky glasses to prove it. He was also very, very horny. Sure, he had a girlfriend (shockingly) but with her being an avid follower of 'no sex before marriage', it left him a very pent-up as a result.

Julius was also a member of his college's photography club, and so was often tasked with taking photos of people for the college's PR purposes, or for yearbooks, and he had recently stumbled across a special camera. It looked normal from the outside, but it had two special lenses with special effects. The first lens was a timestopping lens. When he snapped a photo of anything with this lens on the camera, it would freeze the target in place, and they would remain as such until he snapped another photo with the timestopping lens. He also had a mind control lens. Like the timestopping lens, if he snapped a photo of something with the mind control lens, the person whose photo he took would go into a mindless trance until he once again took their photo with the mind control lens.

After months of learning how each lens worked, Julius was ready for his biggest test yet: use the lenses to get laid, whether by his girlfriend, or by any of the other sorority bitches on campus, or even outside of campus...

Who does he use the camera on, and what lens does he use?

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