The Book of Mind Control

The Book of Mind Control

One day a apackage arrives... It will change your life

Chapter 1 by Kvothe25 Kvothe25

"Wake up sleepyhead!" a voice calls from downstairs. Your wife, Emma. She's already up and running, getting ready for work.

You open your eyes, and wipe the sleepsand from it. Then you sigh and sit up.

"Yeah, yeah. Coming!" you finally respond.

You throw away the blanket and get out of bed. You're fully naked, as you don't like to wear anything during sleep. You walk over to the mirror and look at yourself. Fit and muscled, due to your regular visits to the gym, and a nice 8" cock. You look good, you think to yourself.

"Admiring yourself in the mirror again?" Emma shouts from downstairs.


You quickly dress yourself and make your way downstairs. There she is, in a tight skirt and shirt hugging her wonderful curves. After ten years you still can't believe your luck.

You sneak up behind her and give her a kiss on the cheek.

"Morning, late boy," she laughs. "I made you some coffee and oatmeal. I've gotta run. See you tonight, okay?"

She rushes off to get her coat and leave.

"Don't forget Vivian and Jack are coming over tonight!" you shout after her.

"I hadn't forgotten!" The door slams shut after her.

Wolfing down the coffee and oatmeal you get ready for work as well, and within minutes you open the door to leave. You are surprised when a mailman stands there with a package.

"Great timing!" he says, smiling, and hands you the package.

You accept it, and look at him confused. "I didn't order anything."

"You're John Doe, aren't you?"


"Then this is for you." He walks away whistling.

You look at the package, and indeed, it says your name on top of the box. You wonder what's inside, but unfortunately there's no time for that now. You have to rush off to the office!

Off to work?

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