The Anal Neighbor Addiction

My neighbor addicted to anal sex

Chapter 1 by airenariel airenariel

It was a hot summer afternoon when Alex noticed his new neighbor moving in across the street. He couldn't help but stare as her curvaceous figure caught his attention. Her long brunette hair swayed as she carried in boxes, her tight shorts hugged her round bottom in all the right places. As their eyes met, she gave him a seductive smile and he knew he couldn't resist her.

As weeks passed by, Alex and his neighbor, Emily, crossed paths frequently. They exchanged flirty glances and small talk, but it wasn't until a neighborhood barbecue that they finally had a chance to talk and get to know each other better.

They had an instant connection and soon began to spend more time together. It didn't take long for Alex to realize that Emily had a wild side to her. She loved to party and have a good time, and her sex drive was insatiable.

One night, as they sat in Emily's backyard, drinking wine and chatting, she casually mentioned her love for anal sex. Alex was intrigued and couldn't help but get turned on by her boldness. He had never experienced it before, but the thought of it sent shivers down his spine.

Without hesitation, Emily invited him inside and they made their way to her bedroom. As soon as they were behind closed doors, their clothes were flying off in a haste. Emily's body was everything he imagined it to be and more. Her breasts were full and round, her skin was soft and smooth, and her hips were curvy, leading to her perfectly shaped ass.

As they began to explore each other's bodies, Emily took charge, pushing Alex onto the bed. She straddled him, grinding her hips against his, and teasing him with her breasts. She then reached for the bottle of lube on her nightstand and poured some on her fingers as she slowly trailed them down his chest, making her way to his throbbing member.

Alex couldn't believe the intense pleasure he felt as Emily started to massage his shaft, her fingers slick with lube. She then leaned in to give him a passionate kiss, her hand still stroking him. As they continued to kiss, she moved her hand lower, gently massaging his balls before making her way to his anus.

She circled her finger around it, teasing him, before slowly pushing it inside him. The feeling was incredible, and Alex couldn't help but moan in pleasure. Emily used her other hand to stroke him as she moved her finger in and out of his tight opening. The combination was driving him wild, and he knew he wanted more.

Emily climbed off him and lay on her back, spreading her legs invitingly. With one hand, she reached back and spread her ass cheeks, revealing her puckered hole to him. She was soaked and ready for him. Alex couldn't contain himself any longer and got down on his knees, ready to finally experience anal sex.

He entered her slowly, giving her every inch of him. Emily gasped, and he paused to let her adjust. She then gave him the go-ahead to continue, and they both moaned in pleasure as he began to thrust in her. The feeling of her tight, hot walls around him, combined with the slippery lube, was almost too much to handle.

As they moved together in perfect rhythm, their moans grew louder, and their bodies became slick with sweat. Alex couldn't believe how amazing it felt, and he knew he could never go back to regular sex again. Emily was the queen of anal, and he was addicted.

They continued for what felt like an eternity, exploring different positions and pushing each other to new heights of pleasure. They had forgotten everything else around them, lost in the intensity of their passion.

As they reached their climax together, Emily's screams filled the room, and Alex felt himself explode inside her. They collapsed onto the bed, breathless and exhausted, but with satisfied grins on their faces.

From that day on, Alex and Emily became known as the "anal couple" in the neighborhood. They would sneak away whenever they could, indulging in their favorite activity, always pushing the boundaries and discovering new levels of pleasure.

Their relationship continued to grow, fueled by their mutual love for each other and their addiction to anal sex. And as they lay in bed, exhausted and satisfied, they both knew they had found a perfect match in each other.

What's next?

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