Tamara and Camille

Chapter 1 by mialoves69 mialoves69

God I worship Tamara! She is so fucking hot! Her sexy demeanor and her firm athletic body are a huge turn on to me and all of her fellow crew, I would be surprised if any of the male, not to mention some females don't masturbate and fantasize thinking of Tamara every day!

Camille well she a little bit of a control freak but she can control my climax any time she likes! My Husband agrees that Camille would be a very erotic lover and probably ony masturbates in secret. I guess she's experienced in lesbian love so I would love to catch her at it....

Tamara on the other hand probably secretly wants someone to catch her masturbating, I suspect she has caught several of the crew wanking over pictures of her and secretly finds that a real turn on!

Tamara deserves a good seeing to by a group of guys and girls and of coarse, multiple orgasms and a thick coating of cum all down her breasts with those hard long nipples dripping cum onto her stomach.

All this is in there fantasies until now......and little does Tamara and Camille suspect that a group of horny marines have discovered them, surrounded them, stripped naked and started masturbating while they watch the two girls pleasure each other.

Both Camille and Tamara have both climaxed when when they see the dozen or so naked marines, all of them at full attention stroking some of the biggest thickest and hardest cocks either girl has ever seen.

Two marines move in and tie both Camille and Tamara to the table they are making love on so that Camille's is face up displaying here fine breasts nipples hard and her shaven pussy with its hard clit firm pink and separating her labia begging for attention..there loads on Camille's pert breasts, while Tamara is tied face down her legs wide apart showing off her fantastic thighs and arse, her pussy lips swollen and her clit standing to attention ready to be eaten and she didn't wait long........Neither did Camille as another two marines set to licking and fingering the two swollen and soaking well pussies.

Camille was the first to climax her hips bucking as her inner thighs clenched on the marines face flooding him with her juices, she was still shuddering as a group of four marines climaxed covering her face breasts stomach and pussy with a huge load of cum...

Tamara's arse was thrusting back against the marine who had several fingers up her pussy and arse while her licked and teased her throbbing swollen clit.....

Tamara's arse and thighs clenched as a massive orgasm sent shudders though her and another four marines climaxed covering her arse and thighs with cum, then used there still hard cocks to rub the cum into her wonderfully firm buttocks and thighs.

Tamara then felt a huge hard cock sliding up and down her arse crack, then with a single thrust it was to the hilt up her arse and several hands lifted her from the bench lowering her onto another nice thick hard cock while other hands opened her swollen pussy lips, Tamara was then filled in both her pussy and arse to the brink of pain....ecstasy... and certainly another climax was on the way as the two cocks pumped in and out till her head spun and as Tamara felt her climax starting she felt gush after gush of hot cum cover her arse and inner thighs ... she came for what seemed hours and opened her eyes to find Camille's cunt, her swollen clit huge and almost red presented to her lips and she lost no time teasing licking sucking .... Camille came over and over and Tamara's pussy was getting the same treatment from a duty roster of marines and Tamara and Camille lost cont of there orgasm then just lost consciousness.

Both Awoke pussy's and arse's aching, both in there own rooms, both wondering what had happened, both very very satisfied... but still horny so....

does this become marine special training?

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