Superhero Stories (NSFW)

Superhero Stories (NSFW)

How our favorite heroes get royally fucked (Marvel or DC, stuff I know by memory)

Chapter 1 by Someoneyouknow Someoneyouknow

Hello, as you can tell my username goes by someoneyouknow (which is highly unlikely tbh) but please call me Ender. This story is about a character named John Jones (no relation to anyone named that) who has the powers of super strength(levels among Captain America), shape shifting (like Plastic-Man, or Reed Richards), invincibility (Superman levels of invincibility), and limited power manipulation (if he comes into contact with Superman, he could gain his powers for a limited time). His superhero name is The Guardian (best name I could come up with, lemme know if you have ideas), and he will be put into either the Marvel Universe or the DC Universe. If you have ideas go ahead and write them, I’ll look them over and either approve or deny them. (Please note that some heroes might have been dialed down in strength and endurance so that fights and such are easier to write)

What Universe is your choice?

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