Stolen gay magazine

The 2 cool real men

Chapter 1 by Bethune70 Bethune70

I was a couple months in my 18th year constantly thinking of cock because i was a month in my 18th year a i was snooping around in my parents room looking for my dads porn mags and i had found my moms nude male magazine. When i looked at my dads porn mags and when i saw the men with the opposite sex i was transfixed on the men because when i saw a mans hard cock my cock got hard and i liked that my cock got hard seeing cock.

The day i found my moms nude male magazine i was so happy because i finally found a magazine full of cock. I jerked off all the time when my parents went out. I had the best orgasms and shot my hot sperm all over. This went on for a good month until one evening i went to the corner store to play the arcade. As i walked in the store to the arcade there was a magazine rack by the arcade and on the top shelf there was a magazine with a man on rhe cover. I pretended to play the video game and a customer came in the store and the woman at the check out was dealing with the customer, i reached up and grabbed the magazine with the man on the cover stuck the magazine under the back of my shirt and walked out of the store as the customer was leaving. I had stole the gay magazine. It had just got dark and i wasnt able to look at the magazine so i walked quickly home. I was nervous about getting the magazine past my parents to get the magazine to my room but luckily they were gone out.

When i got to my room i looked at the magazine and slowly looked through the gay mag and my cock got hard but i didnt jerk off. Then i got to the middle of the gay magazine and i saw 2 men and they were wearing tight Speedos and they're Speedos were bulging out. As i slowly turned the pages and saw them sucking on each others cocks my cock started to throb and i pulled my shorts and underwear down i could see pre cum seeping out of my piss slit. Then i saw that the one had his cock in the other mans ass i slowly jerked my super hard throbbing cock and they took turns fucking each other. I got to the end of the two men having sex and they had theyre sperm on they're manly faces i jerked off fast and shot my hot sperm all over my chest and neck. They blew my mind because that was the first time seeing two men having sex. I was in love with them they looked so cool having sex like real men do i felt so right and loved jerking off to them everyday for almost a year.

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