Sophie's Balcony

Sophie's Balcony

Sophie's exploration into exhibitionism

Chapter 1 by EdwardLegion EdwardLegion

Sophie had always been a shy and submissive person, but lately, she had been feeling more adventurous. She was a 23 year old Japanese-American with a fit body and curious mind. She was currently living in a studio apartment on the second floor that had a small balcony. She had been watching exhibitionist videos for some time now, and the thought of exposing herself was starting to become irresistible. She knew she was moving out of this apartment next month and decided tonight was the night to act on that curiosity.

That night before getting ready for bed, she walked to the sliding glass door to her balcony and open the curtains wide. She cracked open the door, leaving only a screen door between her and the outside world. As she turned and made her way to the bed only five feet away, she couldn't help but feel excited by the thought of exposing herself to strangers. She slowly undressed, pulling off her pants, lifting her shirt off, taking off each article of clothing one by one, savoring the feeling of the cool air on her skin. When she finally reached back to unhook her bra, she felt a surge of excitement course through her body. She slowly let her bra fall off her breasts. Her nipples were already hard and she didn't dare look over to the balcony. She just stretched and listened to the sounds of the outside world, pretending not to notice she left her curtains open. Feeling exhilarated and proud of her first time exposing herself in public, she crawled onto her bed on her hands and knees with nothing but her panties on. With her ass nearly exposed to the strangers outside, she crawled across her bed to grab her nightgown out of the dresser. She got off the bed and slowly slipped the nightgown on and decided the show was almost over. She decided she would go outside in her nightgown for a moment and end the show after that. As she stepped out onto her balcony, she couldn't believe what she had done. But at the same time, she also felt incredibly turned on. She stood there for a while, just enjoying the feeling of being seen. And then, without warning, she heard a loud knocking on her door.

For a moment, Sophie froze. Had someone seen her? She came back inside and debated on pretending to not be home but then, she rationalized - it was too late to hide now. With a deep breath, she cracked opened the door. To her surprise, it wasn't a stranger who greeted her. It was a man she recognized from around the neighborhood - an older gentleman with kind eyes and a warm smile. He seemed to be in his fifties or sixties, and he was wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase. "Excuse me," he said, "but I noticed you left your curtain open. I don't mean to intrude, but I wanted to let you know in case you forgot to close them. You're a beautiful woman and you never know who's out trying to catch a glance." Sophie blushed deeply. She had never been complimented and called out like this before, especially not by a complete stranger. But as she listened to him, she realized something else - she didn't want him to leave. She decided to invite him in for tea. The two of them started talked for what felt like hours, and during that time, Sophie found herself becoming increasingly aroused. The way he looked at her, the way he spoke to her - it all made her feel so alive.

As they talked, Sophie began to realize that she was becoming increasingly turned on. When the strap of her nightgown fell off her shoulder, she never lifted it back up leaving one breast slightly more exposed than the other. Her nipples were hard and clearly showing through the thin silky fabric. She could hardly keep up with the conversation and enjoyed trying to catch him looking. When she got up to carry their now empty tea cups to the kitchen she purposely bent over to pretend to grab something from a lower drawer. Her short night lifted up exposing her ass to her guest and she loved it. When she returned she sat down lazily with her legs slightly spread open and facing him. Her panties were damp with excitement. When Mr. Johnson (as she later learned he was called) leaned in to discreetly get a better look, she almost came right there on the spot. She was feeling incredibly turned on, but Sophie also knew that she needed to be careful. This man was much older than her, and while she was starting to trust him, she still wasn't sure if she should risk getting involved with someone in the neighborhood. So instead, she quickly stood up, pulled up her shoulder strap and thanked him for coming over. He stood and thanked her for the tea and politely made his exit. She couldn't help but notice the indention his hard cock made against his pants when he stood.

After he left, Sophie stood there for a long moment, just breathing heavily. She had never experienced anything like this before - such intense desire mixed with such intense fear. But as she thought about it, she realized that maybe this was exactly what she needed. Maybe this was her chance to finally embrace her desires and live a little bit more freely. With that in mind, Sophie went back inside towards her balcony and closed the curtains. Even though she couldn't see anyone outside anymore, she could still feel their eyes on her. And as she laid down in bed, she knew that she wouldn't be able to resist the urge to expose herself again for much longer.

What's next?

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