Snowball Hypnosis Story

See an image, write a story

Chapter 1 by CelebMaster69 CelebMaster69

This is a collaborative story, based off Snowball Story Writing (credit to Whatsa) and Snowball Blowjob Story (credit to street0) except these stories are based purely on hypnosis/mind control. All sotries must have either a) an image that shows the women hypnotized or b) an image that a hypnosis based story can be written around.

Someone posts a pic. Then someone writes a chapter inspired by that pic. Then someone else adds to the storyline. You can take turns ABABAB, or ABCABDCDE. Whatever works.

Image chapters with an asterisk * don't have a storyline yet.

If you want a celebrity to be hypnotized, those images must be posted in the 'Hypnotized Celebrities' category below. This goes for any TV characters as well

Enjoy, and happy writing.

Check out the original story:

And street0's story:

The prompts:

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