Demonic lust

Chapter 1 by FINN 0815 FINN 0815

You are Finn Lynchwood, a normal boy who lives in a normal town with his father, mother and little sister. Your life is turned upside down when your sister Mackie uses dark magic and summons a demon of lust to possess her body.

But something goes wrong and Mackie and the demon Lilith are both trapped in the same body, two opposing beings with different goals and only one thing that unites them.

What will you do to free your sister from the demon's clutches? What will the demon do to resist you? And what will happen to you, your family and the people around you when the demon is freed?

So this story is about Lilith, the demon of lust that causes wild and sexy changes in the human world, and in your life. At its heart, it's a love story with a supernatural focus and many different characters will appear.

I'm trying to serve some fetishes here that I find interesting but haven't yet been able to incorporate into other stories. If you already know me, you won't be surprised that the relationship between brother and sister plays a central role here, as does the building of a harem. What can I say? I am a simple man.

As always, I'm open to ideas and requests and welcome your opinions and criticisms in the comments or in private and am open to contributions.

If you want more from me or this story visit me here:

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Of course, everyone involved is 18 years or older at the time of the action (duh).

Have fun reading and fly safe!

Finn the writing shark

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