Say Yes to the Dress for a Slave Bride

Chapter 1 by holly_c holly_c

Catherine sighed and sipped her coffee. It had already been a terribly long day and she was more than ready to go home. She vaguely wished she'd never told her boss that she was willing to pick up the extra hours, but then again she did need the money. With a touch of resignation she fumbled through the file cabinet for the next appointment sheet.

 She blinked in astonishment when she found it. Normally they were covered with notes, the brides measurements and a host of inspirations. This one was almost entirely blank, save for a small, handwritten note. "The clients request extreme discretion." 

 /What on earth could that mean?/ Catherine thought to herself. She turned to ask someone, but as it was quite late most of the other consultants had already gone home, and the few who remained were busy with clients. Apparently there was nothing to do but find out, they were due in ten minutes. Catherine straightened her conservative black dress and tried out a smile in the mirror. She didn't look nearly as tired as she felt. 

 They arrived precisely on time. It was a smaller party than she had expected, two middle aged women and a girl perhaps in her early twenties. The girl and one of the women shared a strong family resemblance, both being petite blondes. Perhaps the bride and the mother? The other woman was taller, a brunette with a lithe aristocratic figure. The brunette was wearing a long red dress while the two blondes were wearing shorter grey dresses which showed off quite a bit of leg. This was a little unusual, hardly anyone came in who wasn't wearing jeans these days. 

 It was showtime. Catherine smiled and extended her hand to the young girl. "Hello, welcome to Smithertons! My name is Catherine, and I'll be helping you today. Now I didn't have much notice of what you were looking for, are you perhaps the bride?" 

 "She is." The tall brunette woman answered for her. She looked around at the fitting for a moment. It was an open, comfortable space. "It's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Elizabeth and this is Melody." She said, gesturing to the older blonde woman. 

 "I see." Catherine said. This was all so terribly strange. "And what is your name, Miss?" She asked the younger blonde girl. Elizabeth smirked. "Just 'the bride' will do, don't you think, Melody?" 

 "Yes, Ma'am." Melody answered in a soft voice. 

 "Uh..." Catherine said. "OK." This was incredibly weird, even by the standards of retail wherein she met quite a few strange people. She tried to recover. "Shall... we get started, then? 

 "Yes, lets." Elizabeth answered. 

What happens next?

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