Reality device

Reality device

The beginning

Chapter 1 by tftgclub tftgclub

You are a 19 quirkless girl living in Musutafu Japan a city famous for housing ua a school for hero students who use their quirks to save others. However fate decided to play a cruel trick on you instead of getting a cool powerful quirk at the age of 4, you found out you are quirkless and on top of that you are a natural born futanari meaning you were born with both a penis and a vagina, this also means that you have a higher libido than others, you spent your life being bullied and tormented by your peers and neglected by your family, until one day while on the roof of your school you found a weird device and took it to the nearest toilet

You are sitting in a stall in the bathroom of your school staring at the device you found, your cock twitching in excitement as you read the instructions on the screen.

'first type the change using the keyboard, then hit the green button to confirm the change, only you will remember the old reality. Enjoy playing with reality'

You think back to all the bullying you went through because you were quirkless and decide to use the device to give yourself a quirk, you decide to be cautious and think of a small quirk that you can give yourself

Taking a deep breath you type 'rin nakiama has a quirk that allows her fingers to light up' your finger hovers above the green button a quick flash of doubt suddenly rocks your brain as you realise this might be another prank by your classmates. Deciding to give fate another chance you press the button and pray for the best as a flash of red light fills the room, surprised you look down at your fingers and close your eyes imagining them lighting up like mini flashlights. You feel a soft heat radiate from your fingers and open your eyes to see your finger tips lighting up. Excited at all the possibilities you quickly undo the change and contemplate on what to do next.

(Hey everyone this is my first time writing a story of my own, i hope you like it, please comment any feedback you have. Feel free to add your own chapters)

What next?

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