Reality Remote

Reality Remote

A remote capable of changing reality itself.

Chapter 1 by MonkeyNSFW MonkeyNSFW

This is the story of a guy, let's call him Mr. X for now, which hasn't done very well. Despite having a job and eventually a partner, he doesn't feel like it's enough. Deep down he knows that he is destined for something greater. And he thinks he knows what it is.

For the last 4 years he has been working on a secret project. Something that will allow him to fulfill that desire for power.

During a failed experiment in his laboratory, mixing two rare chemicals at a high temperature allowed him to observe something new, something that would win him the Nobel Prize in science. A particle But not just any, the smallest ever observed. And not only that, but he soon discovered that it is what makes up space-time itself, the fabric of reality.

Instead of publishing his great discovery, thanks to his advanced engineering knowledge, he has decided to create a machine capable of altering and controlling these particles and, in theory, changing reality.

After many hours of work and days without sleep, thousands of lines of code and investing a lot of money in the project, he achieved what he set out to do. A vacuum box with several lasers and particle injectors, wave generators and other devices, all controlled by a super central computer, all to alter those particles. And all this controlled by a simple remote control with a single functional button, the microphone. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis device is what attracts our protagonist the most, the ability to control everything with his own voice.

And this protagonist is you.

But, who are you?

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