Pretty Little Inmates

The PLL Girls get a taste of prison (and each other)

Chapter 1 by TyTy1124 TyTy1124

Rosewood, PA, had always been a boring town. Nothing exciting really happened. "Serious" crimes usually involved teenaged girls stealing from the mall, and even that was rare. Until the spring of 2012...

That spring, the current seniors at Rosewood High were eagerly anticipating graduation. Within that graduating class were six of the most beautiful girls to ever walk the halls of RHS.

Alison Dilaurentis, Ali to her friends, was the definition of beauty. A natural blonde, Ali had a stunning face, nice boobs, and a tight ass to go with it. She was single and straight to the school, but her close friends knew that she and her friend Emily were hooking up in secret.

Aria Montgomery was a brunette, and a gifted musician, writer and photographer. She had small boobs, but an ass to make up for it. She was dating a writer named Ezra, who just happened to be her former English teacher.

Emily Fields was part Irish, German, Filipino, Korean and Scottish. She was a brunette lesbian, who had an amazing ass, great tits, and a toned body from years of competitive swimming. As previously mentioned, she had a secret relationship with Ali, her best friend/lover.

Hanna Marin, the other blonde of the group, had been chubby throughout middle school. However, she began religiously working out after 9th grade, and by January of Sophomore year, she could've challenged Ali for the title of hottest in the grade. She had huge tits, an amazing ass, and had a reputation for giving great blowjobs. She had just gotten out of a relationship with a guy named Caleb, and wasn't really interested in getting with anyone else.

Mona Vanderwaal had been the shy, lonely nerd for years. After a chance encounter with Hanna, the two became fast friends, and soon were helping each other lose weight and gain beauty. Although she didn't have Emily's ass or Hanna's tits, she was still extremely beautiful. She had recently begun dating Aria's brother, Mike, despite his being 2 years younger than her. A month before our story begins, she and Hanna were arrested by a detective named Darren Wilden on felony shoplifting charges, after stealing $4000 worth of jewelry from the mall,

Spencer Hastings, the brains of the group, was a brunette who was also skilled at field hockey. Although she had the smallest tits and ass of the 6, she was still just as much of a knockout. She was dating a guy named Toby, who had recently become a Rosewood cop, although their relationship was strained by the irregular hours of his job.

In March, the town was shocked when a truly serious crime occurred. Detective Wilden had been found murdered in the town square. About a month later, the Rosewood PD announced that they had identified the killers.

Who is arrested for the murder?

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