Your Adventure Through All the Pokémon Lands

Chapter 1 by hotstu45 hotstu45

You awake from a long sleep. You stayed up late last night because you were so excited that you were finally old enough to become a trainer and get your first Pokémon. Then it hits you, you’re LATE!!! You quickly put on your clothes as you rush out of the house. You run as hard as you can to make it to Professor Oak’s lab. Good thing he doesn’t live far away from your house.

It takes a few minutes, but you arrive at the lab. You enter the lab and spot your childhood rival, Gary, talking to his grandfather who happens to be Professor Oak. You hurry to meet Professor Oak. He says hello to you as you walk up. “Grandpa, thanks for giving me the best one.” interrupted Gary. “No problem, make sure to work hard on your adventure.” Gary waved bye to Professor Oak as he exited the lab and started out on his own Pokémon adventure. “Which Pokémon do you want to have?”

Which one will it be, Chairmander, Bulbasuar, or Squirtle?

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