Mythology with a twist

Mythology with a twist

Now with even more fucking

Chapter 1 by Damot Damot

When I was a boy I read the Greek mythology with my father, and the things I took most interest in had been the adventures and the fighting. When I got older, I read it again and realized how much sex these stories contained. They are filled with passionate love, rape, incest, monster sex, gay stuff and every other obscenity you could imagine. I would go so far to say, everything we come up with on this side, the Greeks did it before. Of course, Homer doesn't describe it properly, and the guys who retell the stories in different language always censored the good stuff. Oh, they tell about the sex of course but only with a few sentences. They mostly skip the exciting scenes. Some people would say, this is a good thing because Greek mythology is something pure and good, and we should not drag it into the mud. I say good old horny Homer just did not have the balls to describe what was in his head.

I say, let's do this for him! Let's give the good old mythology the action it already implied and absolutely deserves.

I will retell many different stories here, trying to preserve the content as much a possible but pimping it up a little with steamy juicy sex. You will see, I will not need much effort because most of the hot stuff is already in there and just needs a little bit description. I will accelerate and modernize of course, but I will not alter the storylines.

This is a big project, and I hope some of you will help me. There is so much to tell. The Trojan War, the Odyssey, the Labours of Heracles and all the little stories.

Also, I don´t want to restrict this to Greek mythology. There is the Eda, the Nibelungen, Egyptian mythology, the Bible, etc.

All these stories are filled with sex waiting to become porn, and we are the only ones who are up to the task.

Writers guide:

You can tell any mythological story you want. The important thing is that you actually retell the story. You can alter a few details and of course, accelerate the sex parts, but you should stick to the original as far as story development goes. Meaning: The Greeks win the Trojan war. I don't care if they have sex inside of the horse, but they win the damn thing. :D

And please don´t add to a story somebody else started except the author asks you to or I give the story to somebody else because the author doesn´t like to contribute any more

What's next?

More fun
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