Mystery box

Mystery box

A collection of stories about mystery, conspiracies and secrets

Chapter 1 by Orlog4 Orlog4

When you wake up one day, you have no idea your life will turn upside down. You have lived a very normal life so far. Nothing out of the ordinary. But suddenly you find yourself in the center of a very big secret. How will you manage to cope when mysteries swarm around you, dark forces seek you, and secret organizations want to influence your life? Will it be magic, science fiction or just mystery conspiracies? Are you the target or just a bystander who gets involved by coincidence? The choices are on you.

This story is a side project of mine. The focus should be on mystery and the game with several romantic scenes and options. There will also be some sex scenes and different fetishes, but this is not the main part of the story. Feel free to add own chapters. Unlike all my older stories, this is a free story and everything is welcome. Except underage sex. That’s still forbidden of course. Despite this, feel free to be creative and be nice to each other.

To start a new story, just choose a name for your main character, a location and let the games begin.

Who are you and how does your story start?

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