My Best Freind Has A Crush On me

My Best Freind Has A Crush On me

My Bestfriend Takes What She Wants

Chapter 1 by Theninjagamer308 Theninjagamer308

I was in collage and I was walking down the hallway, and a girl who I was friends with walked up to me. “She then said gave me a hug,” I then gave her a hug. As I did this it felt like she pushed her tits into my Chest, I then started to wonder why she would do something like that. It kinda weirded me out a little bit, I mean she was my friend not my girlfriend I think to myself.

I tried my hardest not to get a boner, even though she’s my friend but I’m still a human being with Normal urges. I mean she was a very attractive women, it’s like she was purposely doing it. Also she loved giving me hugs everyday, so I’d didnt think anything of it. So Roy wanna hang out at my house after class? Oh sure Laura I’ll definitely be there.

I thought nothing of it, because we always hung out at her house. I still was kinda wondering about that hug she gave me, and why it seemed really sexual. It’s nothing I say to myself in my head, surly she wasn’t trying to be sexual with her Bestfriend right I ask myself in my head?

We then walk together to our first class, we then get to our class and take out seats. Then about half way through the class, she dropped her pencil. It seemed like she did it on purpose, she then bent down in front of my desk. What is she doing I think to myself, she’s my best friend what is she doing? I try my best not to look, she finally picks up the pencil and goes back to her desk.

Wow I think to myself that got me kinda hard, then again I feel kinda ashamed I got a hard on for my Bestfriend. That’s not right I think to myself, she’s my Bestfriend and I should respect her a lot more. I shoulda get hard to her, but why did she bend over like that I think to myself?

Then after we get done with our class, she then hugs me again. She then says “see you soon,” I then say yeah see you soon.Then she walks away as she shakes her hips left to right very sexually. Then one of Laura’s best friends named Crystal walked up to me and told me Laura had the biggest crush on me.

What your crazy I say, “nope just wait when you go to her house tonight and you’ll see what I mean.” Wait what do you mean I ask as she walks away, by the time I said that she was already halfway down the hall so she didn’t hear me.

I then begin to think if my best friend who I’ve been friends with for years had a huge crush on me. Also what did Crystal mean wait till I go to her house, I think about this on the way to my Car. Nah I say as I then get in my car, then I drive to her house. I then knock on the door.

Laura then answers the door, and what she’s wearing really shocks me. She was wearing some leggings, and a sexy white top which showed off her DD tits. Also the Leggings really showed off her ass, I try my hardest not to get a boner. “Hi Roy like my outfit?” Well of course I do I say. She grins then asks for a hug. I then hug her back. thank you so much I’ve always admired your opinion of me.

She then pushes her tits so far into my chest, the hug lasted a lot longer than usual. It’s like she didn’t want to let the hug go, she then breaks off the hug and says come in. I then come in and she asks me, if I was dating anyone? No of course not I say, interesting she says. “So would you date someone, if a cute girl were to ask you out?”

Yeah I’ve always wanted a girlfriend, I just haven’t met the right girl yet. Little did I know what dirty thoughts Laura was thinking about me, I then think maybe she does have a crush on me.

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