Maline and her (minor) changes

A story about a girl that suddenly get tentacles involved

Chapter 1 by Fad0x Fad0x

Hello! My Name is Maline. I’m in the middle of college right now, near the sea. I’ve never been the type who likes it, its too salty for me. I gotta admit though, I love seafood.

Anyways, who cares about my opinion on the sea. At college I’m that shy girl with only a few friends, slightly nerdy. I wear big Sweaters and baggy pants all the time, just because they’re comfy. Under that, I think I do have something to show tbh, like a couple of DD Tits and a pretty “Thicc” ass, like the kids these days say. My few friends and I still wonder why I’ve never had a boyfriend or something like that.

So, for the story, this is a little fucked up to be honest. Its freaky, it freaked me out, it might freak you out. This is probably also the weirdest way to lose your virginity.

Its Wednesday evening, I just had a really nice seafood dinner with my roomy Shay, and right after that she left for the weekend, because we had a long weekend. I stayed here though, I had a few exams coming up soon.

After she left I watched the last few episodes of Money Heist season 2, argued with myself what a great show it is (watch it, it’s good, I promise) and went to bed because I was really tired.

(Sorry for the wait, shits about to happen)


Extreme horniness. My eyes still closed, my one hand slowly moved to my nipple, rubbing it slightly. At the slightest touch, a burst of sensitivity rushed through my body. I kept on going, increasing pressure, while my other hand was slowly working its way down to my pussy. With the tiniest brush a wave of ecstasy hit me. My clit was a bit swollen, and I started rubbing. And kept on rubbing. And rubbed more and more, my pussy getting wet, my clit swelling even a bit more. It got bigger and bigger, splitting in two, both big enough to hold with a hand each, but I didn’t care, I was too high on the sensation. So high, I didn’t realize that they had turned into 4 shortly after. So I kept rubbing my clit(s) and it got even easier for me because they were getting lubed up by something, and the levels of sensitivity shot through the roof, as I came and my pussy exploded with juices, just like my clits who gave away tons of juices too. As soon as that orgasm had ended I fell asleep.

-the morning after-

I woke up really really tired. What a weird ass dream I had! I looked at the clock. 11 am already? I had to study! I through my blanked to the side, still groggy and half asleep, stood up and threw a quick look at it. What a mess I had made during that dream! Must’ve felt really real then!

Not giving further shits about a wet blanket I went to the bathroom, having to pee really bad. I pulled down my pajamas, sat on the toilet, threw a quick look at my pussy-


What the hell are those?

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