Lillys wrestling adventures

The story of an incredibly strong and busty girl

Chapter 1 by Presarioman11 Presarioman11

Lilly is an extremely busty woman. She is slightly below average height, 18 years old, and has a slim build apart from her gigantic breats. Her hair is dark brown and straight, her skin lightly tanned. And she is strong. Incredibly strong. Seeing her gym routine made anyone stare in disbelief. Her warm ups were far beyond the maximum of the biggest guys in any gym, and her maximum was out of this world. She is a recently signed full time wrestler in the Erotic League, the toughest league in the world. Previously she had attended school, but got bored of it and left before graduating, dedicating all her time to perfecting her body and enjoying the pleasures of life. She was a very dominant person, used to being the centre of any group of people. She was bisexual, but preferred girls. She has many girlfriends and boyfriends, one or even a couple of people not being enough to keep her satisfied. Some were unwilling but were too afraid of her to break up with her. She is about to have her first match. Who will she face?

Who will face Lilly in her first match?

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