Hypnosis experiments

Are people really like that?

Chapter 1 by af56h af56h

Would somebody really behave that way in real life? Madison looked up from yet another piece of hypnosis themed erotic fiction. It was a variant of the theme "some guy discovers a woman with an hypnotic trigger and uses the trigger to fuck the woman".

Madison was fascinated by that idea since she began reading adult fiction. Obviously in the stories, the male protagonist usually quickly used his newly found influence to exploit the hypnotized female. But Madison was getting more and more curious about what a man would do under these circumstances in real life.

She was almost certain that most people would not take advantage of a helpless young woman like that. Perhaps that was a naive way of looking at the world, and close friends had told her before that not everyone was always selfless, friendly or kind. But Madison was not convinced. She wanted to see for herself how a "hypnotized" woman would be treated in reality.

Luckily, she had what she needed to make it happen. Madison was a good actress who could easily assume the role of a different person. The beautiful 20 year old knew how a hypnotized person acted in these stories and could pretend to be one, so that an outsider would not notice she was not really hypnotized.

Now she just needed to find a way to be "hypnotized" and a man who did not know she was faking it. The rest would follow from that, and finally Madison could find answers to her questions.

How will Madison be "hypnotized"?

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