Holiday with Friends

Friends invite you to join them on holiday and you have fun with them.

Chapter 1 by Wifelover18485 Wifelover18485

Your longtime friends Emilia and Jack Brewster have access to a holiday home in Rivanna,France. The house is a nice traditional home for the region that is sparsely populated now due to the number of people buying the local properties as holiday homes, it is up a steep driveway on the hillside overlooking a scenic valley, a road spirals up the hill overlooking the house all the way to the top of the hill. Your friends have already invited some of your other friends to join them Scarlett and Scott Dubrovska but there is still a spare bedroom available so they ask you if you'd like to join them. You have no holidays booked in so accept their offer and between the five of you you work out the logistics of it, arranging flights and transport to get to the house. Several months later and it is the day to fly out. As you tend not to drink a large amount when you know you will be flying the next day you volunteer to drive everyone to {a1} airport. Once there everyone can relax as you have cleared security with plenty of time to get to your gate. As there is a fair amount of time before boarding someone suggests going to the duty free shops.

What do you buy?

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