Help! I'm a sex bot

Help! I'm a sex bot

From human to sex toy

Chapter 1 by Spindizzy Spindizzy

Professor VonNeudman had sculpted a body built purely for pleasure. A form designed to fulfil any fantasy the user could imagine and inspire them to new heights of lust.

But building the perfect sexual playmate had proven to be the easy part. In order to be more than a simple doll, it needed the capacity to function independently. It needed a mind.

Experiments with machine learning and AI had proven... inadequate. But while they were laid up with a severely sprained pelvis the prof was struck by a brilliant inspiration. Why struggle to create an artificial brain when there were billions of perfectly serviceable human brains just walking around serving no useful function. Scientifically it would be a simple matter. Of course, morally and legally it would be completely unacceptable but the professor had never let a little thing like ethics get in the way of a good idea before.

So while they convalesced they began to draw up plans, plans that would soon change your life dramatically...

Your story begins

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