Harry Potter : Deflatus Os Cutis

A spell to make bodysuits

Chapter 1 by JS JS

You are Harry Potter, the boy who lived, and the boy who is still lonely while his best friends are in a relationship. You are 19 years old and haven't been in a relationship befor! You are horny as fuck and surrounded by hot females.

It seemed just like a normal day but yesterday night you found a the spell "Deflatus Os Cutis" in one of the forbidden books. It says that it could turn anybody into a bodysuit but it could also be a prank. There also stood that you had to cast the spell on a bodysuit again to turn it back to normal. The person would remember what you did, but not the details, and wouldn't become any memories that could expose you. The person will think that what she did was her decision and will continue their life without questioning what happened.

You also had a spell to create a clone of somebody, so you could be somebody else without missing, and you still had your cloak of invisibillity. You just need a time and a person to try it on.

Right now, you are laying in your bed, thinking about what to do with that power, if it even works. The question is: When do you try out the new found spell?

When to test it?

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