Harem Genie Side Story: The Game

A fun side adventure

Chapter 1 by youngstar5678 youngstar5678

This story uses the characters from my other story, Harem Genie. Although, it isn't 1st person and has a different art style. This story is also NOT canon to Harem Genie. Think of it as an alternative universe.

Da Rules:

Each player rolls two dice and moves that amount of spaces. First person to get to the end wins and choose what everyone ends up as. Each color square has its own effect.

White Square - Free Space, aka the I don't have any ideas space

Red Square - Mental Change. Like IQ reduction or becoming flirtatious

Blue Square - Physical Change. Like breast growth or hight change.

Green Square - Style Change. Like hair color or clothing change.

Pink Square - Sexual Change. Like libo increase or sexual orientation change.

Yellow Square - Question. If you answer correctly, you don't change and move up 2 places. If you don't, you change and move back 2 places.

Grey Square - Challenge. If you complete the challenge, you don't change and move up 6 spaces. If you don't, you change and go back 6 spaces.

Orange Square - Vote. There will be three transformation options that the other players will vote on.

Purple Square - Choice. Player can choose either mental, physical, style or sexual change.

Black Square - Curse. A transformation that takes place over multiple turns.

Gold Square - Revers a chosen change.

The Players:






What's next?

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