Girlfriend and Her Friends

Chapter 1 by switch76 switch76

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It is a warm summer day. Your name is John. You are spending the day with your girlfriend Doe and 3 of her friends. You have all just come out of the stadium having watched your team win a football match. You head towards her car and Doe jumps in the driver's seat. You and the other girls race for the other front seat. Before you can get there, Claire beats you to it. She is a tall redhead with an athletic figure.

"Looks like you'll have to sit in the back John" Claire says sticking out her tongue at you.

"OK, you win" you tell her.

The rest of you pile into the back seats. Being squashed between Amanda and Melissa isn't necessarily a bad thing. Amanda is a girl with long blonde hair and a slim figure. She is wearing a short summer dress and you can feel her bare leg pressing against you. Melissa sits to your right. She has dark hair and a busty figure. Her and Doe look similar although Melissa has the slighty larger chest. You have always fancied Doe's friends but you better be careful not to let her see that you are enjoying yourself too much at the back.

Doe starts the engine and you begin the journey home. You discuss the match and the girls start complaining about a streaker that came onto the pitch.

"Can't believe that guy" Amanda says.

"He put our players off and almost cost us the match" Claire replies.

"Why is it streakers are always old or out of shape?" Melissa complains.

"Yeah, I wouldn't have minded so much if he was good looking" Doe chips in.

The rest of the girls laugh at her comment.

"Hey Doe, don't forget I'm here. I don't want you lusting after other men" you say.

"Maybe we can persuade you to streak for us" Amanda says to you with a mischievous smile on her face.

"Yeah, go on John" Claire and Melissa add.

You wait for your girlfriend Doe to object but she has gone surprising quiet.

What happens next?

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