Futa-zon Adventures

Futa-zon Adventures

A World Ruled by the Futanari Amazon

Chapter 1 by Monadora Monadora

Humanity learned its place under the Amazon yoke. While they are few in number they are powerful and their magics render human militaries impotent. Humanity starts to change becoming more feminine under the rule as human masculinity fails. This leads the Amazons to become the major breeding for humanity. Territory under Amazon's control is a place of open sexuality and prosperity. While wild areas still are under human control it's only a matter of time until they conquer the earth. The Amazons themselves are united in leading humanity to a new golden age of prosperity and peace through their dominant ways.

In this brave new world, men become fembois, and women can become Amazons. Human and Amazon culture slowly starts to synthesize together into something new and pleasurable.

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