Futa Jutsu

Futa Jutsu

Believe it.

Chapter 1 by Kingofthefutamonsters Kingofthefutamonsters

(All characters in the original work that are children has been aged up to be 18 our older.)

You really struggled with the final exam of creating 4 clones but you barly managed to do so alowing you to become a genien. You get hyped since women love ninja. Now that you're 18 you expect to be drowing in pussy.

You get out of bed and grab some breakfast. You see you're mom and older sister sitting at the table waiting for your other mom to finish cooking breakfast.

You're biological father died during the joint attack from hidden sound and hidden sand ninja. Not only that but the third hokage died and has been replaced by the first female hokage. You heard she was trained by lord third so you're not worried.

You're still upset with you're mother for remarring so soon after you're fathers . You eat breakfast and leave without a word. You're older sister Chihori chaces after you. "Wait!" You look behind to see you're sister. "Um... stay safe."

You nod. You may be angrey at you're mom but there's no anger in you're heart for you're sister. "Thank you. You have a good day."

You head to the assigned meeting area for you're new sensei and sqad mates but nobody shows up for hours.

You head to the hokage building and go to the resptionist. "Sorry, but do you know whats delaying my sensei and sqad mates?" The resptionist looks at you. "Sorry, things are very bussy hear since there's a new hokage and all the repairs to the village. Please come back another time."

You sigh and leave. Out of frustion you leave the village walls and start jumping from tree to tree. There you see the air near the ground wobbiling. It's like a gen jutsu that was set up a long time ago is finally running out of chakra.

You see a temple apear out of thin air. It has the symbol of the Uchiha. You walk inside the temple. The only thing in there is a single scroll. You open it and a girl about you're age pops out. She's and looks very frail. Out of instinct you pick her up and start jumping back to the village.

Adrenalin spiking you manage to jump through the window to the hokages office before anyone can stop you. "Lady hokage, she needs help!"

You're panic is replaced with shock as you see a naked Tsunade standing over a naked woman with short black hair. You rember someone telling you Tsunade brought a johnien level ninja with her to the village and that women would be her handler.

Tsunade moves away from the woman you believe is named Shizune. There you see the longest, fattest cock you've ever seen be pulled out of Shizune's gaping cunt.

Tsunade comes towards you. "What happed to her?" You do you're best to regain you're composure. "I don't know her but I found her inside a scroll inside a hidden Uchiha temple."

Tsunade checks her condition with Jutsu. "She's been kept alive and young with chakra. She'll be fine after some food and water. How did you find a hidden Uchiha temple?" You try to look away from her ginormous tits. "It was hidden by a genjutsu that faded. Anyone could have found it if they where walking past."

Tsunade nods and gives the girl some water waking her up. "Where am I?" Tsunade gives her some food. She's apprehensive but her hunger makes her unable to resist the naked ladys offer.

Tsunade answes her question. "You're in the capital of the land of fire. You where locked away for a very long time. I'll answer more of you're questions somwhere more private." Tsunade asks you to leave as she puts on cloths. You do as she asks.

An hour later a messenger bird gives you a note. Turns out the reason you're squad never showed up was because they made a request to have you replaced with someone who passed the acadamy with better marks. You've been ditched. You run back home and hide in you're room.

The next day you check the newspaper. Turns out the reason Tsunade had a giant cock was that she invented a new jutus using slug nature chakra. She can give women giant cocks. Children made using these are garenteed to be powerful ninja. The whole world is about to change.

The paper makes no mention of the girl you found. You're relieved. That poor girl must have alot on her plate. You lie on you're bed upset about what happened trying to decide what you're going to do next.

(Cover art made by asura. Support them if you can. I made a naruto story on my old account but this story is not connected to that 1. If you want to critisize my writing thats fine as long as its not about my spelling. Thats not something I can fix. Stop asking about it please.)

Do you give up on being a ninja?

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